Monday 29 April 2024

Not Much Got Done Today

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

Sheri and I went to Brandon today to get some supplies.  Nothing much exciting there but I did notice that the price of potatoes has gone up about 10%.  It looks like everything is increasing in price at a rapid rate.  When you are in the restaurant business, prices of supplies dictates the price of our end product so we pay close attention to it.

Because I have an Implanted Cardiac Device, in my case just a defibrillator, I also have a remote reader.  The remote sits near my bed and at any time, the Heart Failure Clinic can check out how I'm doing.  I do have to send a remote reading once a year and this year when I went to do it, these error codes came up.  Apparently the rechargeable battery has gone kafloowie!!  So I called Medtronic and they are sending me a new reader.  Not having the remote is not a danger to me because it has nothing to do with the operation of my ICD.  It is only a reporting device.

 So after supper my job was to get Dani to Drivers Ed in Neepawa.  Neepawa is a 45 minute drive from here so we headed out about 6 pm.  Dani drove going there and based on her driving skills, she doesn't need much training.  She has been driving for 2 years already.

While she was driving with the instructor for 2 hours, I snuck off and had a burger at DQ.  It is nice that you can still get a Cheeseburger for under 4 bucks.  

That was it for our day.  Sheri had been in Hamiota today getting Cj's on the Links ready to open tomorrow.  She dropped by to let us know how it went. We still have 10 days before we open the Snack Shack.  We didn't do much outside today because it was cold and windy and rainy today.  We will try again tomorrow.  Good Nite!!

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