Tuesday 23 April 2024

The Big Dick

WHERE ARE WE?  Pierre South Dakota

It was a beautiful morning in McCook when we woke up this morning.  We took our time getting going because we only had 500 kms to go today.  While I was packing up and getting water Sue went off to play with Archie.  She had his tug toy and was throwing it for him.  Woops she threw it up in a tree!!  Now what?

So there was a stick close by so she tried throwing it up after it.  Well guess what?  Yup, the stick ended up in the tree as well.  Now what?

So off I went to get a big stick to get them down.  Sue was laughing as she remembered our daughter Karalee when she was just young playing in the bushes next to the soccer field where Kaitlyn was playing soccer.  Of course there were lots of parents around and all of a sudden, Karalee comes out of the bushes sporting a big dead branch.  "Look Mom, I got a big Dick" she hollered at the top of her lungs.  Everyone had a good laugh at her expense.  Sue reminded me that I had fetched a "Big Dick".

I did succeed on getting both the stick and the tug down.  Then I had to put the big dick back in the woods.

We saw a lot of open country today.  Actually the drive was quite pretty in its own way.  

Archie kept a keen lookout for cows and horses along the way.  Most of the time he controls himself but every once in a while he just has to bark his head off.  Yes he gets to ride on the dash.  He stays on Sues side and most of the time he is laying down.

We had to stop for fuel half way through the day and guess what?  My credit card got stuck in the pump and wouldn't come out.  I always fear that that thing might happen at one of the fuel stations that are not manned.  Oh well, until it happens, no sense worrying. 

We arrived at our destination in Pierre about 5 today after an uneventful drive.

We are Wally docking again today.  We are just overnighting so I have no problem with parking here.  

We were about 1/4 mile from Menards, so after supper we went for a walk to check it out.  The store has changed a bit.  They now have groceries which doesn't seem quite right.  Oh well, it killed an hour or so.

We did see the duel of the floor washers.  One machine was manned by a teddy bear and the other had a human on it.  They happened to meet in an ally and instead of the human backing up and going a different way, the guy got off and rerouted the teddy bear!  Oh well I don't imagine either one had a college degree!! lol

We hung around the store long enough to miss the actual sunset.  The aftermath was quite pretty as we walked home.  


  1. lol.Big Dick, I like it. It seems fitting that one of your off spring would say such a thing! Lol. It made me chuckle. Percy looks a bit lonely over there on his own but I’m guessing you have no trouble finding spots to park, I think most are home by now!
    Continued safe travels.


  2. You guys are too funny.
    Haven't been in aMenards for years!


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