Friday 12 April 2024

Jeep Went to the Doctors in Larado

WHERE ARE WE? Magnolia Beach, Texas

Today my job was to find out what was ailing the Jeep and try to fix it or at least fix it enough to get it to a garage somewhere.  Yesterday when it began to heat I wanted to take off the wheel and drum and fix the brake shoe but I forgot that I had any tools with me.  Of course last night it dawned on me that I had my whole Canadian Tire tool kit with me so this morning I took everything apart to have a look.  What I found was not good so on to plan B.

Looks like brakes, seal, bearing and hopefully not axle.  So I went in search of a brake shop.  Southern Tire Mart seems to be the place to get the job done.  We can leave the Jeep there for the next week or 10 days while we take the MH to Magnolia Beach to hang out.  

Next step was to get Coachnet to tow it there from the Travel Center.  That part went real easy. We are big fans of Coachnet and its something we will always keep current.  We have saved enough money to more than pay the premiums until we are dead and gone.  They certainly made this easy.

While I was waiting around, I went into the Welcome Center to have a look.  Friendly people there and lots of info.  The building definitely a Mexican feel about it.

One thing that caught my eye was a saddle on display.  It had a description card that said "This saddle was obtained by confiscation"!!  I didn't ask the girl the story about it because I wanted to dream up in my mind why it was confiscated!!  It is pink so I doubt it was from El Chapo or someone.  Hmmm, makes you think why they want to put it on display in the Welcome Center!!

About an hour later a tow truck from Larado arrived to pick up the Jeep.  He loaded it on a flatbed and off he went.  We will keep in touch with the garage while we are enjoying the beach in Magnolia Beach.

Time for some gas in the MH and a little breakfast at Denny's.  The first meal back in the states and it was so good.  We love Mexican food, but it is always nice to have a feed of what we were born and raised on. Nothing wrong with Texas steak and eggs in the morning.  The price of gas in the US is certainly easier to pay than the Mexican price.  Mexican is about $5.80 a gallon US compared to the 3.259 we paid here. 

So we set out for Magnolia Beach.  It is a 365 km trip one way so by the time we got on the road plus a couple of breaks plus a stop for groceries it was 8 pm before we arrived in Magnolia Beach. 

We got parked and George and Henny had supper all ready for us.  How nice of them to do that.  We chatted for a while and then off to bed we went.  Good Nite!!


  1. Nice friends to feed you guys upon arrival.
    Hopefully the jeep isn’t badly damaged.
    Enjoy the time with friends.


  2. Enjoy your trip and hope you don't have anymore mechanical issues.

  3. Enjoy your time at the beach! Nice to get the Jeep looked after and i love Dennys meals!


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