Friday 19 April 2024

Got the Jeep Back Today

WHERE ARE WE?  Larado Texas

Had a couple things that I wanted to do this morning.  First it was time to give our tanks a good flushing and get filled up with water.  Guess what.  At 7:30 a city guy knocked on our door to tell us they had turned off the water for a while to fix a leak.  Well so much for that plan.  Well I thought maybe I could do plan 2 while I waited.  So I hopped on my bike and rode about 2 miles to O'Reilly's to get some oil and a filter for the MH.  I had contacted an oil change place in Larado across the street from where we will be picking up the Jeep to see if they did oil changes on Motorhomes.  Sure she said however they don't have oil or the filter for our engine, but if we bring our own, they will just charge us labour.  Ok that sounds good to me.  I got what I needed and headed back home.  

We just kinda hung around and about 11 they finally turned the water on so I got busy and got my chores done.  I even hosed the MH off to get the salt off a bit.  We headed down the road and grabbed some gas at a good price.

Sue mentioned that it was sure hot today and I looked down and it said 37C.  Just as I took the picture it dropped to 36C.

We made it to Larado about 4:30 and Sue had talked about visiting Hobby Lobby and Walmart.  We were running short of time so that wasn't gonna work today however I pointed out that the truck ahead of us might have some neat stuff, and the Walmart truck right beside us may have some rollback items.  She didn't bother to jump out so I guess she doesn't need it that bad.

We arrived at Southern Tire Mart to pick up the Jeep.  Remember how we burned the back bearing out of it.  Well it was a little more than that.  Apparently the rear end that I changed out last fall was not in great shape, because both axles were in bad shape.  So we changed them both and the seals and bearings and brakes and drums and all sorts of things.  Nothing $1500 USD would't fix.  At least we know its in good shape now.  So we got it all hooked up and went to get our oil change.

I got them to change the oil and grease the undercarriage, and add windshield washer fluid.  The oil filler cap is way up inside where you can only put oil in with a small container.  The guy doing it was new and he had oil up to his armpits by the time he was done.  $55 USD for everything.  I was pleased with that.

We headed up the to Larado Travel Information Center for the night.  Tonight we watched Survivor after supper and then called it a day.  Good Nite!

Our trip today.


  1. An expensive day, maybe it’s good that Sue didn’t jump out. Lol.
    Safe travels.


  2. That was serious damage to the Jeep axles.
    Please double check your engine oil level before driving too far. Better than a new engine. The new employee should have used a long-hosed funnel to refill the oil.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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