Sunday 14 April 2024

A Couple New TV's Today

WHERE ARE WE? Magnolia Beach, Texas

We got up this morning to a little bit of a breezy day.  We all gathered outside for coffee anyway.  We even had an extra creature join us.  This little fiddler crab marched around our site for a while.  Not very big but cute.

We haven't had much for boat traffic since we arrived but this morning a little tug and barge went by just so we could say we were not skunked.  Ship watching is one of our favorite parts of Magnolia Beach.

About 9:30 some of Laura's friends, Jim and Tammy showed up for a visit.  They used to own the gas station and Saltwater Saloon here in town for the last 14 years but have sold it, so now they get to be retired like the rest of us.  They still live here in town, but do have an RV now, so they are planning some trips.

The conversation got around to the fact that Sue and Henny were going to drive to Port Lavaca to buy a new TV for Percy.  The one in the front needs to be replaced because it is giving us a lot of grief.  So Jim says that he has a couple TVs that he took out of his other motorhome that have hardly been used and are basically new.  He said he had a 40 inch and a 32 inch.  Well how about that??  Although we had a 32" in our living room, there was room for a 40" and our bedroom 32" TV could use a replacing as well so we bargained a good price and we now own a couple of basically new TV's!!!  So my job today was to modify the mounts and get the living room TV on the wall.

Out with the old

No wonder our external speakers didn't work

Re position the AC plug

Mount on the wall.  Lucky there is steel plate above the door.

Works like a charm

Laura had to pack up and leave today to get back to the Brier Patch which is only about 45 miles from here.  She is building a new garage and the work starts on Monday, so she wants to make sure everything is ready for the contractor.  We hope to drop by her place when we leave here on our way back to Larado.  See you later Laura!!

Laura has a nice Senica

See ya later!

We were going to go to the little beach hamburger joint for supper with George and Henny, but he was closed.  We did see this modified pop up camper that doesn't pop down anymore.  You don't need much to camp on the beach these days.

We went back down to the Marina for supper and while we were eating, a guy caught a sting ray.  It was fun to watch him carefully get the hook out and get it back in the water without getting stung.  

Back home we sat outside for a while chatting.  We seem to have a lot in common so the conversation just kinda rolls on.  

Is that a winter parka George??

It wasn't long and the sun had gone down so we decided it was time to retire for the night.  It was kinda breezy and a tad cool for these Mexican climatized bodies.  So we went in and watched a little TV and called it a day.  Good Nite!!!


  1. Nice tv mounting. You seem to have luck when it comes to finding the right place to put things… a steel plate over the door! Ah, Manitoba Man… wind over the water is always coolish, depending on the time of year, it can be down right freezing. Sitting at the edge of a big body of water will always have a breeze, be damp, and be entertaining.


  2. Thanks for the pictures, Lorne, I hated leaving! Turned out I really didn't have to, they weren't able to make it out yesterday after all. But they're here today and it's looking great!
    I'm waiting to hear back from the folks who are going to be building the garage, I need to know what day they plan on coming in and how long it's going to take since I'm going to be heading out next week to meet up with Jim and Tammy and go to the Fiddler's Frolics. Can't wait!


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