Friday 5 April 2024

Got Some More Preparations Done Today

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

We spotted this little Red Snapper on the beach this morning.  It was still alive but obviously in bad shape.  I tried kicking it back in the water a couple times, but it was not about to swim away.   I noticed the frigates circling above and a few pelicans gliding by eyeing it up, but they all seem to have the decency to let the poor thing die before they pick it apart.  Anyway, when we walked back the fish was gone.  

I am slowly getting some packing up jobs done.  Being in the salt air, everything gets coated with a sticky layer of salt, so that all has to be washed off of the mats and screens and even the folding chairs and tables.  Also with so many dogs in the park, there is a little bit of pee on everything that needs to be washed off.  So I got the screen done and one of the mats washed today.  My back is still a little sore so I didn't want to over do it!!!  I had some supervisors on the job today as well.

We had to slip downtown and get some pillows and blankets for Oscars new bed today.  We went to the Bodega where they had some nice ones.

Kenia and Oscar were at work when we got there so Sue got to work to make his bed and I supervised.  Sorry for grabbing a nap on your bed Kenia!!

When we got back to the park, Abuela had dropped by to deliver some Chili Relleno's for us to eat.  We had a nice chat for a while and Sue gave her a tour of Percy.  We do seem to be able to communicate good enough to carry on a conversation.  

I caught an awesome picture of our friends Wade and Melissa.  You would never know it but Melissa is not feeling well these days.  She is on some meds but they will take a few days to really work.  Get better soon!

They were out watching the sunset when we got out there.  It is kinda like the thing to do ever night.  So we stuck around and watched it too.  It is sneaking farther behind the island every day. 

Then we headed downtown to Kenias for papas fritos, frappe's, smoothies, and waffles.  Guess the Chile Rellino's will have to wait till tomorrow to get eaten. Good Nite!!


  1. Washing off, packing things up, is always a chore.
    Nice bedding, love the colour!
    Great sunset.


  2. Beautiful sunset and picture of your friends. Also of Sue and Abuela.


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