Saturday 21 December 2019

Willie, Waylon and the Boys, and Girls!!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

We are having a little trouble with the internet here.  The park has WiFi but in the Christmas season there are lots of people using it so it is almost impossible to get on.  And I have been having trouble getting on Sues hot spot because I am technically challenged.  Sue has finally intervened and now I think I will be able to post blogs again on a regular basis.  Fingers crossed.

In previous post I have mentioned that we are in the process of rebuilding the pool solar heating system and although it is of very little interest to you, I need to post some pictures to look back at for my viewing pleasure.  Glen finished the ground piping today and we started cleaning up some of the mess of pipes on the roof.

We got 2 rolls of brand new 1 inch pipe so we shouldn't have to repair as many leaks as in the past.  We plan to eliminate a lot of the old 3/4 inch pipe in the process.

We have quite a pile of leftovers from changing out the pipes.  The hot sun here sure plays havoc with pipes.  Most of the old ones are brittle enough that if you move them they will spring a leak.  Good thing the whole system is low pressure.

The other thing that happened was the boys came and cut down a palm bush that was dying.  They don't have a chainsaw so they had to chop it with an axe.  It is tough wood.  Carlos 2 was pulling as hard as he could.

After supper they had a music jam session.  There are some pretty talented people in this park and they play guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, drums, and bass guitars.  They each perform a song of their choice before moving on to the next person.  This jam started at 6:30 and went till 8:45.  I was super impressed!!!

These 2 guys have obviously played before and liked the up beat rockabilly style of music.  The one guy plays real Willie Nelson style and you know I am a fan.  He said he will play some Willie stuff next Friday when they jam again.

Some of the bushes in the park seem to be getting ready for Christmas.  The neat colours are certainly in keeping with the season.  There is something extra in this picture.  Do you see it?  Hope your day was as good as ours.


  1. Is that Charlie?
    Interesting plumbing job fellas.
    Nothing quite like Willie Nelson. Keep on having fun.

  2. Didn't you say you had a keyboard with you this year? Time to jam!

    1. I am not nearly talented enough to play in public. Keyboard is for my entertainment only lol.

  3. I hope you save time for the beach! All work and no play is not the reason you went there.
    Enjoy the jams!


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