Tuesday 7 January 2020

Bees in our Breakfast

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Kaitlyn and the kids and I went over to Cecies for breakfast.  She serves the best breakfast around.  The pancakes are delicious with lots of syrup.  Kaitlyn likes the Canadian which is 2 eggs, hash browns, pancakes and fruit along with a fresh squeezed orange juice.  I go for scrambled eggs and toast.

Today for some reason the honey bees decided to join us in full force.  They are not aggressive is seems but they are still annoying.  Cecie tried to entice them away with some syrup in a drink bottle but it didn't really work.  

Kenia showed us how to handle the bees.  She put some syrup on her hand and pretty soon she had a bunch of them eating out of her hand.  She even petted them gently.  Its nice to see how people interact with nature here.  They are not scared of it but rather embrace it.

After breakfast I headed down the road to the pool shop.  I have been wanting to get a proper pool thermometer for a while and they had one.  Thermometers are not an easy thing to find here because everyone knows exactly how warm it is going to be every day!!   I mounted in an out of the way place in the pool so everyone can check it.  It was showing about 79 degrees at mid day so that is a nice temperature.

One of the guys in the park took his drone up for a flight the other day and I am stealing one of his pictures of the park. You can see it is quite crowded but nobody minds.  We all get along just fine. 

It seems like the flowers on all the bushes are coming back in bloom.  I can't believe the colours of all of them and I am not a flower person.  Just for giggles I will show you some of them.

Oscar came over to visit because his gramma is here to cook for Taco Tuesday.  Before we went over Oscar and Grace and Kaitlyn had fun with the 2 way radios.  It is interesting how we manage to communicate with Oscar because he knows no English.  He and Grace laugh and giggle away all the time.

Because the kids are here and want to experience all the Mexican food, we went to have taco's at Cecies. There were a lot of people there tonight.  It is a good time to meet and get to know more new people.   I think the park is full now with snowbirds.

Oscars Aunt and Uncle do the crepes for dessert on Taco Tuesday so we had to have one.  It is quite and art to the making of the crepes and they are delicious.  You can choose from a lot of toppings and different fruits.

I saw this picture and it provoked some thoughts of how we as a society are going.  We no longer have to interact face to face because we are busy interacting with a machine.  I notice more and more how we are becoming so focused on it that what is actually going on around us slips by unnoticed.  I am just as guilty as the next person.   Hope you had a great day and talked to someone without your phone. 


  1. Great looking meals there! Minus the bees of course! :)
    Love the drone picture of the park. Bill has yet to get his out but soon!
    Your last picture is very true. We are all guilty and should force ourselves to ignore them for parts of our day.

  2. Such an interesting culture, thanks for sharing/ You are so right about our addiction to our phones!


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