Friday, 10 January 2020

A Whale of a Day!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Kaitlyn and I both felt better this morning so we decided to go ahead with our planned whale watching expedition.  We were up and fed the kids and got Sue set to babysit by 9:30 and off we went.  Now Sue is still under the weather from yesterday and doesn't feel confident to wander very far away from the bano!!!

We went to the place I visited in Guayabitos the other day and tried to find Salvador.  All of a sudden I heard a guy say... hey I know you from long ago..  It was Ramone the tour sales guy that we booked our tours with back in 2012 when we came here to the all inclusive.  It is amazing the memory some of these people have but that is how they make a living by winning your trust.  Sue and I will certainly book any other tours we do with Ramone!!

While we were waiting we wandered a bit and watched the pelicans begging from the fish vendors.  They are not at all scared of people.  Fresh fish and shrimp on a skewer at 10 am sure smells good!!

Once Salvador showed up the show was soon on the road.  He signed up a few more people while we waited.

What I remember of the last tour was that the early bird gets the worm so we made sure we were first in line to get on the boat and went right to the front and sat in the two elevated front seats.  Everyone else got a bench seat in the back.  We would be first on the scene of the accident if one happened!!  This was our view from the front seats!!

Some of the old fishing boats made great perches for the pelicans to have their morning naps. 

On the way out of the bay there is a military installation waiting for ships that may come in and attack I guess and we went right by it.  They were busy painting something I think.  Must be a boring job!!

So we headed out to find whales in the open Pacific Ocean.  I am amazed how they guides find them because they don't use any GPS or sonar as far as I know.  They do have hand held two way radios and when one of the other boats spot something those radios come to life!!!!

We went out a few miles and pretty soon the radio started to babble and we were off.  Someone had spotted a couple whales and we headed toward them.  The guys are very respectful and keep their distance when they breach.  It was awesome to see these great creatures.  The ones we saw were probably 10 feet across their backs and had to be 40 feet long. The first thing you see is the cloud of mist as they come to the surface and blow!!  They make a snorting sound as they blow the air out.

Here are some pictures shot with my phone.  I didn't do such a bad job!!

Part of the tour gives you the opportunity to stop on Coral Island and snorkel.  Here we are heading toward it and what we saw on the way by.  

Some people choose to rent a sailboat and make their way out to the island that way.  Whatever floats your boat.

I am not a snorkeler so I just hung out on the beach and waited for Kaitlyn.  She saw lots of fish and the coral reef which is right off the beach.   It was a beautiful day and there were lots of people enjoying the beach.  I rather enjoyed myself!!!

Well by that time it was time to go home and that we did.  We caught a water taxi back to the hotel where we began the day which was part of our tour price.   The Pelicans had found a different boat to hang out on as they enjoy the sites on the beach of Paradise.  We enjoyed Paradise as well today and hope you have found a Paradise somewhere to spend your days in as well.  


  1. A fun day for you both. Glad you are all feeling better. Keep having fun!

  2. So glad you were feeling well enough to do the tour, sounds like it was fun :-)

    1. Kaitlyn and I were great on the tour. Sue was down though.

  3. It is always a treat to see some whales, never get tired of seeing them!


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