Saturday, 18 January 2020

Karens Birthday

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Another perfect day in Mexico.  I have totally deleted the weather app from my phone because every day is exactly the same.  27 to 29C with sunny skies.  I am not trying to brag but rather state a fact.  If you are looking for consistently pretty weather, this is the place.  Historical weather shows it has been this way for years.  Today we got the drone out for a few pictures of the park.  Like I said yesterday it is crowded here but so far we have not gone crazy.

The park taken from above the ocean

I had promised to go get Oscar before flying the drone so I went to his house to pick him up.  He lives with his abuela (grandma) and she has a little taco stand that she operates occasionally.  Today when I got there she had Oscar peeling verde tomates for salsa.  He had a big bucket full to do and when I got there Abuela said that he could go.  I told her no, he must stay and finish his work and I will help him so we set out peeling tomates.  They have a soft leaf over them to protect them I guess, and it has to come off first before cutting can happen.

There are some interesting things out in the residential areas and this is one of them.  This apartment block is 3 stories high and probably 150 feet long and only 6 - 8 feet wide. I'm not sure how you live in there.  A bed would take up the full width of the apartment and where would the stairs go?   I should have taken more pictures.

Before we could leave abuela had a dish of soup for me to eat.  It is corn soup in a really tasty broth.  I can't remember the name of it.  Sopa de maiz maybe!!  The corn swells up and is really filling.  This bowl was really more than one needs for a meal.

Later in the afternoon about 40 of us got in 3 vans and headed way up the hill behind us to a restaurant known as Hindi y Jaimies.  It is in a great spot with a view down over La Penita.  It is the place to come view the sunsets and it didn't disappoint us today.  We had 3 big tables and Paty did a good job of mixing us all up with people who we haven't really got to know.

I happened to notice a typical Mexican thing on the building next to us at supper time.  The building was painted a nice green colour except there was one glaring thing about it.  The building was on about a 10 foot foundation and obviously whoever was painting had their ladder here and forgot to finish where it had been.  The attitude would have been....oh well!!!  Apparently this paint job was from a couple years ago so I guess they are just not going to finish it!!

The evening ended with the delivery of a birthday cake for Karen.  Actually it was 2 cakes.  Wow that was a lot of fire.  Happy Birthday Karen!!!

As I said, one of the neat things about the restaurant is the sunset views.  This is what we witnessed tonight.  Breath taking.   Hope your day was good too.


  1. Interesting looking apartment building there. I'd worry about a big wind! Happy Birthday Karen. Looks like a lot of folks enjoying the evening. Keep having fun!!

    1. We have been here for 80 days and have not had one day of wind. We look forward to the odd small breeze but that is only once in a while.

  2. That apartment building was interesting! What a beautiful sunset :-)

  3. Great picture of the beautiful sunset!

    1. Sunsets are beautiful where ever you go and seem to be a common thread between all of us.

  4. Not sure I would want to be in that apartment in any type of wind. The sunset was beautiful.


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