Thursday 23 January 2020

The JEEP Project

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

The RV park has some charities that they are very passionate about.  One of them is JEEP project which is a program run by the Hilltop Refugio.   My version of the history of the Refugio is that a couple of California transplants by the name of George and Loretta, came to La Penita years ago and bought property.  They purchased a couple horses to have, and as they were riding around the area they noticed how many horses were being neglected.  They couldn't turn a blind eye and soon began taking in some of those horses and finding them good homes.  It wasn't long and they expanded to dogs and cats and whatever type of animals that needed help.  They now have a great place at the top of a hill overlooking the country side, where they care for and find homes for these less fortunate animals around the area.  They run spay and neuter clinics at a reasonable cost to help with the dog and cat population in the area.   They do this mainly with their own money, so the RV park has jumped on board to do fundraising for buying the necessities for the animals.

The J.E.E.P. project has nothing to do with the Jeep vehicle but it is a good brand for the program.   This is a program where special needs children are involved with the special need horses at the shelter.   In my mind there is no better therapy for anyone than cuddling an animal of any kind.   So we all purchased tickets to go up and see the place, participate in the different fundraising events and have a great steak or chicken meal.  So into a couple vans we all piled and up the steep hill we went.

When we got up there we did a little tour of all of the animal shelters with dogs and cats and horses housed in a clean friendly environment awaiting adoption.

They have some great views of the countryside from here looking both ways from the hilltop.  One side looks over the farmland and the mountains to the east with the new toll road being built in the background.

And looking the other way is Rincon de Guayabitos and La Penita and Jaltemba Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

If you look directly above and to the left of the point of this building you will see where our RV Park is in the Jungle area.  

They had the riding arena all set up with tables and that is where we ate our supper. 

Our friend Judy ran the silent auction and her husband Joe was the Dj for the day.  I didn't get a picture of Tom and Roland from the park but they provided some guitar music and singing outside by the silent auction.  Great job everyone.

After the supper some of the JEEP program kids came to entertain us.  One young lady with an awesome voice sang for us and a group of younger ones entertained us with some Mexican Cowboy dancing.

A great day of socializing while giving to a good cause.  Susan got a little carried away at the silent auction table and ended up with a couple treasures to take home.  We even got a JEEP mug in the deal.   It was one of those ..Make your heart feel all warm and fuzzy... days.  Hope you got the same feeling as well doing whatever you did today!!

A beach bag and a purse

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