Monday, 13 January 2020

New Friends and Last Supper

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Well we got new neighbours today.  Amazing how far people will come from just to hang out in Paradise.  The couple beside us are from Manitoba!!!   From Meadows Manitoba!!  Now I know a couple of my readers will know some people from that area because it is close to Warren Manitoba!!
Well I think these will be ok people because they do hang out with friends of ours back in Manitoba!! Do you know who it is Gord???
George and Henny

Our street is full
One of the wonderful things in the park here is the fresh squeezed orange juice.  I have never been around early enough to witness it, but today I did.  Here is Kenia doing the job!!

Kaitlyn wanted to have a beach day today before going back to the cold prairies tomorrow so we got Kenia to join us and down to the beach we went.  They played with Grace for a while and built some sand castles.  Grace has fallen in love with Kenia.

Then I stayed with Grace and Kaitlyn and Kenia headed out into the ocean.  They are both like fish and laughed and giggled for a long time.

I got a good picture of what they call a frigate down here.  These birds can soar forever it seems and in fact Sue told me that they can soar for days.

We all got cleaned up and headed out for supper.  We had a good laugh because Julie had made the reservation and this is how they spell Julie.  And here is another Spanish lesson for you.  Now remember that J's are sounded y and I's are sounded eee.  So if you sound it out it there is no question it is Julie!!!!  Maybe more like the Chinese version lol.

Kaitlyn even made a little speech at the end of supper.  What a nice evening we had even if the ribs were not great.  Thanks to our friends for coming with us.

Grace was up dancing most of the night and Grampa had a nice dance with her.  Gramps danced with Max too but no picture.

Speaking of the ribs, there sure was a lot of smoke in the kitchen cooking them.  Tonight was rib special.

I marvel at the residential streets here.  They are so simple and there is not a lot of infrastructure to cost the local government much.  The streets are from the 1700's and have never seen a grader of a repair truck.  Drive at your own risk.  Nobody complains about them and everyone watches out for everyone else.  No stop signs or speed limits.  Just use common sense.  This is Kenia's street by the way and the neighbours have a horse that lives right there on the street.   The simple life is an envy to me.  I could definitely live here.  Hope your day was as good as mine and that the simple life finds you once in a while.


  1. A wonderful last day for the visit. I'm sure Grace liked dancing with her Grandpa. How nice they could come and spend some time with you and Sue. Keep on having fun!!


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