Thursday 2 January 2020

Market and Beach day

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
NEXT DESTINATION? We are here for a while

Thursday was a fun day all around.  The sun came out again today and that was a good thing cause we had lots planned.  Thursday is market day in La Penita so we are all going to see what is there.  Our new adopted daughter Kenia and grandson Oscar were going to spend the day with us as well.  We want to get to know them a little better because we only ever see them when they are working here at the park and today was Kenia's day off.  So we all got together and walked to the market.  First order of duty was to get our wee Max a hat to cover his snow white skin.

Kenia loves the kids and it wasn't long and she was pushing the stroller with Grace in it.  Oscar and I just kinda found a place to sit and wait on the girls.

We all trudged up the street and went for lunch at a local restaurant.  I didn't even take a picture of lunch.  It was tough pushing the stroller on the cobblestone streets but Kenia just kept going.

After lunch we headed back to the park and loaded up and headed about 20 kms up the road to the beach at Chacala.  We wanted to meet Kenia's papa there and also we wanted to swim for a while.  The beach there is flatter and the waves are not as big so it was a good place for Grace to swim.

We even got to chase a sand crab out of his burrow.

It was a great day at the beach but we ran out of time too quickly.  We had promised the kids supper and the grandkids were tired and cranky and Max was not feeling good, so they sent me for supper with Kenia and Oscar.  I gave them the option of where to go and they chose Sushi!!.  I have never really had sushi so Kenia had to order for me.  Whatever it was it was good.  The sauces they give you to put on top were to die for.  I ate the WHOLE THING and used chop sticks as well!!

Oscar ordered some skewers with banana and cheese in a batter with a sweet dip.  It was awesome as well!!

Kenia is getting fairly good at English but Oscar knows none.   It was good for us to try to communicate with them all day and we did really well.  It is amazing how much Spanish we have picked up already.  We really appreciate their company and Kenia calls us Papa Lorne and Mama Sue!!  We hope they will be our Mexican kids in the winter time down here.  We had a great day and hope you did too.  Kenia says Hasta Luego!!!


  1. A very wonderful day. Hopefully Max is just suffering from too much sun and jet lag. A lovely adopted family for you fine folks.

    1. Max is back to normal again. Hate when the wee ones are sick.

  2. How nice to have Kenia and Oscar as your adopted family. They are adorable!
    Beach day, yup, sounds great to me!


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