Wednesday 8 April 2020

A Drive to Nowhere.

WHERE ARE WE? Winterhaven Resort, Brownsville TX.
NEXT DESTINATION? Magnolia Beach, Texas

Bored out of our gourd with nothing to do except get in a bunch of trouble.  Chores around the Ponderosa are all completed.  (Well there are a few left).  So we decided to drive out to Port Isabella and just drive along the highway that parallels the beach for a few miles.  We had to fill the Jeep with gas anyway so thought we could maybe burn a bit of it.  You almost want to spill a bit on the ground when it is only $1.48 a gallon.

It was a nice drive of about 20 miles out there.   There is a long bridge that you have to cross to get there.  That is Port Isabella in the distance.  It is a real party town I think with normally lots of spring breakers and Easter stuff going on.  Not this year. 

When we got to the other end of the bridge they had a blockade there with security asking where you were going.  We told them what we had intended and they apologized and said that only local access was being granted.  We said that is just fine and a good day and we turned around and headed back to Brownsville.   We did spot a pirate ship anchored marina there.  I wonder where Long John Silver is? 

When we got back I decided to find out what the problem is with the windshield washer on the Jeep.  It isn't working. So I took it apart and tested the pump and it works.  The pump is in front of the tire in behind the wheel well and is not that handy to get at.  So now it must be electrical and I must find the right fuse to fix it.  Finding that fuse is a job for another day.

Because we are leaving in the morning we decided to order a pizza for supper to share with Brian and JoLynn.   We will meet up with them again in the fall either on the road or in La Penita.  Thanks for all the fun and for leading us into and out of Mexico!! 

Sorry I got Sue with her eyes closed. 
A nice quiet walk before bed and happened to see this fountain.  Things like this sure are pretty to just watch for a while and that is what I did.  Sat on a bench right there and thought about how crazy our world is right now.  Today my father would have been 100 years old and I took some time to think of him as well.  I still miss him but mostly in happy ways.  He was full of laughs and could make anyone feel fine.  He was a good Christian man and he gave me a good template to live by.  I was lucky to have him in my life. 

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