Wednesday, 22 April 2020

We are Getting Close to Home!!

WHERE ARE WE? Rugby North Dakota
NEXT DESTINATION? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

Well we are almost on the last leg of our journey back to CJ's to get the Ice Cream Summer under way.  It looks like we will be opening on May long weekend, but before we can even think about opening, we have to self isolate for 14 days to prove to the world that we are not dragging some ugly virus around with us.  We have literally been isolated for the last 3 weeks already, but that doesn't count so we will be on lockdown until around May 7th.  Here is our travels today.  We had a little longer day so we won't have far to go tomorrow, plus it was a gorgeous day today so we just kept going. 

First thing we did was grab some fuel.  We spent 120 bucks US on fuel for the last three days travel.  That's not too bad when your pushing 40 ft of MH along!  Fuel was 1.89 a gallon here for diesel.

We meandered through some pretty little towns and I love how all the traffic is routed right through town.  Even the trucks just go down main street. 

Some have some interesting water towers with some real effort put in the paint jobs.

After lunch we crossed into North Dakota which is the last state we have to go through to get to Manitoba.  We have enjoyed our trip so far and today was no different.

We did see some snow in the bushes as we got farther north but the temperature today would get rid of a lot of it.  It was about 20C in Jamestown when we came through.

There was quite a bit of water in the ditches but remember the snow has just melted.  I don't think there is a lot of major flooding happening anywhere we went. 

And of course a picture of Charlie just chillin while we make some miles.  He gets quite comfy on the couch in a sunbeam.

About 5 pm we pulled into the fair grounds in Rugby ND.  There is not much action in fairgrounds at this time of year so we had the place all to ourselves.  They normally have power and water but all of that is shut off this time of year.  Doesn't matter cause we have our own power and water!!!

This part of the country is big agricultural business.  Right beside the fair grounds are some huge grain elevators.  I wouldn't even hazard a guess how many bushels that complex holds but I did notice that they are all tied together with cross augers so they can move grain from one end of the complex to the other.

On our wander tonight we found this cute little bar/concession stand made out of an old grain bin.  What a great idea for a cheap concession stand.

Well we are all tied up here in the fair grounds for the night.  The sheriff drove by and never batted an eye so we must be ok for the night.  Here is the view out both our side windows tonight.  One more travel day to go!!!  Goodnight!


  1. That is awesome that you are so close to home and still in lovely weather. Rugby looks like a pretty little place and I love that small towns allow you to stay in the fairgrounds. Try that in a big city - no no no!
    Enjoy your last leg home and trust there are no issues when you reach your park. Love Charlie's positions both on the dash and the couch. In the sun is my favourite place too!
    Take care.

    1. We love small town America, and Canada!!! We don't anticipate any issues.

  2. You were not too far from is when you were in Rugby! Nice quiet little town. Not a lot to do though!

    1. It is certainly farm area there. Maybe I waved to you guys on the tractor as we went by!!!

  3. Like yourselves when the we're having a good travel day we just keep rolling.
    Making us jealous of those warmer temperatures.
    Hope you again top off the tank and groceries before crossing the border.
    Be Safe and Enjoy being home.

    It's about time.

  4. Is Rivers provincial park open with the covid situation?

    1. Rivers Park is not open right now. Some talk of later in May. We lease a piece of property within the park so that is our place of residence in the summer so we can go there.

  5. Safe travels tomorrow :-)

    Interesting that provincial parks are opening mid May in Manitoba, we along with all other BC Provincial Parks, are shut down until May 31 and then who knows what will happen.

    I believe it's the washrooms, playgrounds, water taps, etc. that are the issue not the actual campsites, because you are definitely 2 meters apart in those.

    1. yes there are some different perspectives on opening up!!

  6. Almost home and the weather is cooperating. Safe travels.


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