Sunday 12 April 2020

A Quiet Easter

WHERE ARE WE? Waco, Texas

Happy Easter Everyone.  Charlie was wondering if there was food involved?  Of course there is Charlie, just wait and see.

We are staying here in Waco because there was a storm forecast to roll through tonight so we want to be in a good spot.  There was a fair bit of rain and wind in the night but nothing extra ordinary.  We made it through.  We are also staying here because for the next 2 or three days there is going to be cold weather and snow starting around Oklahoma City and to the north and we would rather be here where the temps will only get as low as the mid teens.   So to deal with the boredom of this whole situation, we decided to go for a drive.  Nothing wrong with driving around and nothing wrong with walking around as long as we are responsible in our distancing.   They have some great bridges downtown so we went there. 

This is cattle country so there were lots of statues of cows and cowboys at the entrance to the park.

Mr. or Mrs. Goose was very inquisitive about us.  It was like he hadn't seen a human in a while.  Oh wait, maybe he didn't!!

When we got home we had a Happy Easter message from our friend Kim.  Well the message certainly did not read as she had intended it??  Was messenger trying to warn me of something??? 

Sue made us a pretty yummy supper.  Turkey and all the trimmings.  And of course Charlie got to lick the dishes with a little leftovers on them.

Charlie was still on the couch after supper looking at the big jar of chocolate covered raisins!!  He was just wondering if there was any chance he would get one or maybe two.  Yes we do give him a wee bit of chocolate every once in a while for a treat.  Hope everyone had a great Easter as well!!


  1. Sounds like a very nice way to spend Easter. We would agree about the taking a ride and getting out for a walk as long as everyone is doing there part with distancing. We were hoping to do just that on Easter but the weather here had a different plan. Stay safe.

  2. Nice relaxing Easter. Yuma and I had burgers for Easter! Yummy.

  3. Love the bridges too and I like that you are still allowed, rather than closing them off for walking. People have to be responsible, that's all.
    Love the picture of Charlie with the raisins. Also, your dinner looks wonderful, beats our meat loaf!

  4. That did look like a yummy Easter dinner :-)

  5. Charlie's sooo cute! the food looks delish! nJOYd sightseeing your pix!

    (Can't find this like button you mention)


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