Wednesday 15 April 2020

Made it to Oklahoma

WHERE ARE WE? Sugar Creek Casino, Hinton, Oklahoma
NEXT DESTINATION? Here for a couple days

When you own an RV (and sometimes a house too) there is never an end to little problems.  Just when you lean back and relax, something goes on the fritz.  Well for the past couple weeks our water pump has been cycling intermittently and at first I wasn't sure why.  I checked everywhere a water line runs and there were no leaks.  After You Tubing about what might be wrong with the pump, my thought was that it was just old and tired and wore out just like me.  I decided I would ignore it unless it got worse.  Well today it got worse.  It started to leak around the pump seal which is a bit of a problem when we are doing lots of dry camping, because water conservation is our #1 priority.   I don't believe it will get a lot worse anytime soon, but I will have to find out where I can get a new one somewhere along the road home.

The other thing plaguing me this morning was something that happened a couple days ago.  When I was first checking out the water problem, I accidently stepped on a fire ant pile and yes they got me.  By the time I noticed there were probably a hundred of them on my foot and I swished them off very quickly but they got me.  I went and got a rag and cold water and washed my foot real well.  That usually works for me.   There was no pain after I washed my foot but two days later it started to itch.  It would only itch from maybe 15 minutes and then be ok for 6 hours, and then itch again.  If you haven't seen fire ants, they are not very big, but boy to they pack a punch.  I put some lanacane on it which did help.  But again last night in the middle of the night, I was scratching.   Anyway this is what my foot looked like this morning!!  I'm not sure why they bothered me so much this time, because I have been bit a few times before with no problems at all!!   I guess they were Texas Fire Ants!!!

No more about problems.  We loaded up and were on the road by 11 am with Charlie navigating.  He does like to look out the windshield.

This is the route we followed today.  Actually 362 kms is quite a long drive for us.  Shorter distances each day are something we are starting to enjoy more all the time.

We saw a few neat things along the way like this statue made out of a couple cars just standing in a field.  I think it is a Texas Long Horn!!

And down the road was an old truck.  Anyone know what make and model it is?

The landscape around this part of the country reminds me of Manitoba.  The crops are all heading out and harvest is just over a month away!!

The Red dirt is not like Manitoba though.   Lots of it around here and everything has a little red tinge to it from the red dust.

We saw some really cheap fuel today.  I did manage to get a picture of this cheap gas price as we went by.  Hard to see but regular gas was $1.27 a gallon.    We also saw a station selling diesel for 1.69 a gallon.  I think it was on a reserve.  We didn't need fuel so had to pass it up.

We made it to the Sugar Creek Casino in Hinton Oklahoma.  The Casino is closed but it appears that the RV dump and water and non serviced sites are open for use.  There is no one around and I forgot to get a phone # off the door, but if they don't want us here, I'm sure they will come tell us.  For now we are enjoying our evening.

I will not bore you with a sunset but here is the view out our window tonight.  There are a couple cars in the parking lot.   We plan on staying here for two nights before moving a little farther north.  


  1. Like you said there's always something to fix whether your home has wheels or not.
    Fire Ants are Hell. It took nearly a year for my bites to heal.
    Charlie wants to be sure that you are going the right way.
    Looks like a One Ton 53 Chevy Sidestep and it looks nearly stock.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your visit with Doug.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks for your expert analysis of the truck. I never was a vehicle person. Just drove them, didn't care who made them.

  2. We keep a supply of Benadryl on hand to take care of itching from insect bites, works well. Enjoy your visit with Doug, we sure had a great time getting to know him better this winter. Take care, stay healthy and safe.

  3. Sorry about the fire ants and hopefully the water leak won't be hard to get fixed.
    Have a great visit with Doug and Yuma. Charlie will have fun with him, he loves to play.
    Safe travels!

  4. The leak will be simple to fix when I get a new pump. Might get one from Camping Worlds curbside service in Oklahoma City!!


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