Tuesday, 14 April 2020

On the Road Again and a Travel Schedule

WHERE ARE WE? Weatherford, Texas

Well today was the start of some better weather to start heading north again.  We have to be careful and not get in a hurry because old man winter is still clutching on to winter back in Rivers.  I know everyone there says its spring weather, but not for me.  It's frickin winter!!!   Here was our route today.

Yesterday was a bit windy and it blew a bunch of baby wipes from the Sam's Club over on the lawn by where we were parked.  We have created a new type of pollution between the baby wipes and plastic gloves.  I went out with my little garbage picking thingy and picked all of them up before some one thought it was us that spread them out.  I also picked up (didn't touch) a half dozen plastic gloves and a couple masks which had been thrown there.

We fired up this morning and drove up to Alvarado to look at a motorhome that Sue has been looking at. It was a nice motorhome, but with all the uncertainty of where prices and sales will go, they were really reluctant to give us any kind of a deal.  Our poor old Ponderosa has depreciated and with the uncertain RV market dealers don't want to take a chance on the old trade ins.   We had to do all of our dealing on the phone in the RV lot and they opened the unit up ahead of time for us to look at and then went back in the sales office which is off limits to customers.  We did get to see Buck, our salesman for a couple minutes but he stayed well back.  They are allowed to be open but there is a $1000.00 fine if they are caught closer than 10 feet from a customer.  We had lots of hand sanitizer and washed our hands after we finished looking.  No deal!!!
We meandered over to Weatherford Walmart to spend the night.  Here are some of the things we saw along the road.  The spiders are big in Texas.  Here is one sunning on the roof of a shed.

Some fellow RVers social distancing on the Highway.  Couldn't quite make out the license plate.  We drove on #77 highway for quite a ways which runs parallel to I 35.  It is a much leisurely pace and we enjoyed it more than fighting the speeding traffic on the Interstate.

We saw a couple trucks hauling propeller blades for wind generators down the highway.  Pretty impressive and they were moving right along at about 65 mph.

Some nice scenery as we headed down a country road into Alvarado.  We were still quite close to I 35.

A pallet plant

And we ended up at the Walmart in Weatherford Texas.   Not the prettiest spot because we are where they keep all the landscape supplies, but the price is right and it will be quiet here.  The view out the other side is rather nice though.  Sue picked a good spot again!!

And here is a play by play of our planned schedule heading north.  We are trying to stay in half decent weather and also arrive in Rivers when spring does!!  Check out my thinking..... I don't think we will be running into any snow!!

So we start out tonight where we are in Weatherford Texas where it will be a nippy 3C tonight.  We will be snug as a bug in a rug with our duvet on and pulled up under our chins.

It won't take long to warm up in the morning and we are in no hurry to head out.  We are just going a little piece north and will spend one more night in a Walmart.  So that will be Wednesday.  Then on Thursday we will travel another 100 kms or so, and stay in a KOA near Hinton overnight.  We will do this so we can dump and take on more water.   Then on Friday we will head a couple or three hundred kms and find a free spot again.  Not a great day for weather but it will do.  By the way I just pick central cities as a reference point for these weather readings.  We will not necessarily be going right through these cities.

Saturday will see us somewhere in south central Kansas.  Nothing wrong with that temperature.  Remember we are not out sight seeing but rather travelling.

Then northern Kansas and on into Nebraska.  We will take a couple days moving through Nebraska.  The temps are certainly going the right way.  

South Dakota will be next.  Still lots of sunshine and warmth.

Then North Dakota.  We may spend a night there just to lap up the sun!!!  I haven't been in Jamestown since I was in my teens.

Then it will be crossing the border and on to Rivers where we will be hunkered down for the next 14 days!!  As long as the weather is decent which the 15 day forecast seems to indicate, the self isolation should be a breeze.  I have lots of Ponderosa projects to do.  

Now don't anyone go quoting me on that schedule, but I think it will be pretty close.  Back in Rivers on April 23rd.  Starting to look forward to it.   Anyhow we have a few sunsets before then so here is what we saw tonight.  Hope your sunset was good too!!!


  1. Nice easy travel day. Amazing how restricted businesses are. Cant hardly do anything with those restrictions. Looking at your travel plans I can cross paths with you in Hinton, Oklahoma Thursday.

    1. Hey lets plan on that. Can you send me a quick email to lsgreen@mts.net I tried sending you one but must have the wrong one.

  2. Just west of Oklahoma City, near El Reno, is the Lucky Star Casino that has about a dozen full hook-up RV spots, first come first serve. Don't know at this time if the casino is open, but it might be. We have stayed there a few times, it's free, they just hope you will go in and play or eat at there restaurant, the food is good. Is Rivers open so that you can get in, a lot of parks in Ontario have been closed.

    1. We are going to try the Lucky Star but the casino itself is closed as is the restaurant so I imagine the camping will be also. We haven't got confirmation on our parking spot but we do lease our own spot there as a business so we may not be affected. Fingers crossed.

  3. Safe travels! You have it all mapped out and I hope Mr. or Mrs. Weatherman is in your corner and follows those forecasts!

    1. I said to Sue that I am not looking at the forecast any more and then it CAN'T change!!!

  4. Things have been a lot colder than normal here in South Dakota but not too bad. Looks like you are going to be traveling through much of the same weather on your route.

  5. According to your weather forecasts you'll be following Spring up to Rivers.
    Might want to stock up on groceries before crossing the border. They're buckling down on those not self isolating.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We hope spring is there when we get there. We are lucky to have family who will make sure that we have lots to eat when we arrive home. There will be a care package waiting I'm sure.


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