Friday, 3 April 2020

No Lineups for Me!!

WHERE ARE WE?  Winter Haven RV Resort, Brownsville TX.
NEXT DESTINATION?  Migrating North soon

Once we got here and settled in I did a little research on what may have triggered (no pun intended) the searches we were subjected to yesterday.  We were in no way accused of anything nor was there any sort of verbal interrogation at any time.  Everyone just wanted to see in the nooks and crannies of our motorhome and they were very cautious in doing it.  There were lots of M16's around and everyone was super cautious.  After reading the Brownsville Harold, it seems that some cartel big wheel is on the loose and some marines have been kidnapped and there has been a jail break of some sort, and some grenade throwing at a navy base just south of the border.   Apparently this has brought on a bigger military presence and increased attention to searching vehicles in this part of Mexico.  Although these are all unsettling things, the chances of us being involved in any of it is about the same as us winning the lottery.  I figure one is pretty safe if you just mind your own business and go on your way and thats what we did and we are fine.

So this morning when I came out of the Ponderosa I noticed a cord hanging down by the bedroom slide.  Oh oh silly me.  I had forgotten about the temporary fix I did which involved one of the bays on the slide and when we put out the bedroom slide last night it stretched the extension cord until it broke!!  Woops!!  Lucky I didn't grab the broke end of the cord because it was still hot!!  And I did look at that slide for obstructions before putting it out but didn't clue into what would happen to the cord.

We are all parked up here and have booked for a week so I will have time to get some repairs done and also some time to relax with our friends Brian and JoLynn.  We have a nice secluded spot with no neighbours near us so that is good.  We have a nice cement pad at the back of the Ponderosa to lounge on so life is good.  We will have a few socially distanced Happy Hours I'm sure!!!  And that is also where the alternator is at so I won't have to roll in the grass or gravel while working on it.

Sue and I had to go out for supplies today and when we got to Walmart there were no lines or anything.  The store was normal busy and the only thing noticeable were the masks and glooves.  By the time Sue got done shopping it was getting busier and the store was obviously at capacity because a few of the shoppers coming in were being held back in a line outside and as one person came out, one person went in.   There were no eggs on the shelf at Walmart so we decided to stop by HEB to pick some up!!  We drove through the parking lot and looked at the line up and decided that this was neither the time nor the place to be today.  It will be toast and peanut butter for breakfast tomorrow I'm afraid.

Thats about it for our day.  We are suffering a bit of jet lag here because we have moved east one time zone plus added Daylight saving time, so our bodies are 2 hours out of whack.  The other thing we have noticed is that sunset is at 8 ish instead of 6:30 which gives a little more time to sit outside in the evenings.  Hope you get to sit outside once in a while too. 

Picture taken at 8:30 pm.  


  1. Glad you folks are safe. Always a bit scary when things seem to be 'different' than expected. I'm sure the big guns caused a little ripple in your belly. Good luck with the repairs. Stay healthy!!

  2. Glad to read that after leaving a safe place and traveling a few days you are again in a safe place. I agree just minding your own business and letting them do their job is always the best way to go. Enjoy your time in Texas looks like a nice spot with the back patio. Good luck with the repairs.
    P.S. A lot of the stores in the US have stipulated senior hours it may help with the line at HEB.

  3. Enjoy the warmth while you can and continue to practice social distancing. I'm sure being with each other isn't a concern, we were with Kim and Ken all the way home and didn't even hesitate with goodbye hugs. Every where we went, we went together for about a week at least.
    stay safe!

  4. Glad all turned out fine and they didn't find a nest of cartels in you closet. Glad the extension cord snapping in two didn't do any harm. How would Sue explain if it had zapped you:))

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