Sunday 19 April 2020

A Little Bit of Limestone

WHERE ARE WE? Luray Kansas

Because we are waiting for the Great White North to thaw out and warm up a little, we are in no hurry to get going in the mornings.  Today was no different and we didn't get on the road until nearly 11 am.   Today we are going to Luray Kansas because they have a nice little park on the east side of town.  We are going to follow Highway 281 all the way north to the Canadian border,  just because we can.  It is a nice smooth two lane highway but does have areas where there is no shoulder.  We are just cruising along about 50 mph so who cares!!

Typical Kansas scenery today.  There is lots to see because you can see for miles and miles!  Spring is just on the way here so most of the trees are just starting to leaf and the grass is just turning green.  Some of the winter wheat is a foot high or so.  Notice we have our own road map on the windshield!!

We passed through a town that is boasting Hot and Cold running water!!  What a great idea.  LOL

We stopped for fuel and the price is good.  If we looked real hard we could find Diesel for 1.69 but those are few and far between.  Anything under 2.00 is good for us.  The gas here was super cheap at 1.28.9 a gallon.  Wow!!  Makes you want to drive around just so you can buy some!!  Good thing it is cheap because we are paying 1.40 CND for a USA dollar!!!

We got to Luray about 3 pm and got all parked up. We thought it was a free spot but when we got there the box asks for 20 bucks for the night.  Cute little town and they could use the money so that's ok.  We have 50 amp power and water and sewer and the place all to our selves.  Well worth the bucks.

It was a really nice day with no wind and temperatures about 22C.  We really enjoyed the afternoon sitting in the sun, well at least I did.  I sure look grumpy in the picture but I was anything BUT grumpy.  I was working on my tan that had slid off in the last couple weeks.

After supper we went for a drive around town and realized that a lot of the buildings were built using unique stone work.  There is lots of Greenhorn Limestone in the area and it is used for everything from fenceposts to building blocks.  Because there were not a lot of trees around to make fence posts, the early settlers had to use them to keep cattle in.

Apparently the limestone is soft enough to work with quite easily when it is first taken from the ground but quickly hardens when exposed to air.  That is why they liked it for blocks for buildings.  The blocks seem to be naturally yellow and look really nice.

They even use it for Stop sign posts on Main street!

The little park we are in has the original first house that was built near Luray.  It has been moved from its original site and put on a concrete pad, but other than that it is original.  It was built in 1870 and the people raised 5 children in it.  Notice the fireplace is made from limestone.

Well it was a nice warm day and we enjoyed every minute of it.  No sign of COVID around here!!  Just the way we like it.  Here is where we will hang our hats for the night.  Hope your day was great too.


  1. Nice that you are still Enjoying the warmer temperatures while learning history of a new town.
    Be Safe and Enjoy those fuel prices.

    It's about time.

  2. Hi. I just started following your blog. I love your pictures. Looking forward to more great photos.

    1. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it. I will probably not post as often once we get home but will go back to daily when we hit the road again next fall.

  3. Cute little town. Thanks for the tour.

  4. By the way this is Angie, of Angie and Chuck. I don't know why every time I comment it says unknown. I am logged in with my email.

    1. Of Chuck and Angie!!! I love that!! Glad you still follow along.


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