Monday 13 April 2020

Baby its Cold Outside!!

WHERE ARE WE? Waco, Texas

Woke up to temperatures in the high single digits.  I think the low was 5C so it was a big shock to me.  The last time I wore blue jeans was in mid October and I had hoped I could hold off a few days more but nope.  I was cold today!!!

We decided to go for another drive today because we could turn on the heater in the Jeep!!  How spoiled we are!!  It was in the mid teens Celsius and we had the heater on!!   We just drove for a couple hundred kms and looked at the country side.  We came across a really nice area of wild flowers.  I have never seen anything so beautiful in the wild.  Wow!!

A little farther down the road we came across some little houses.  These are vacation rentals just by a creek and are made out of containers!!  Wow they are great.  This is what we would like to settle down in when we get old.  Maybe have to figure out an elevator to the deck on the roof!!!

Well being old is a long way off for us so no need to check them out too good. lol   I could just imagine one of these by a little lake somewhere with the loons calling on a moonlit night.  It is so good to dream.   Maybe the front yard could look like this?  Its always nice to dream.


  1. Funny, time to go south again. Nice balmy 90 here. Have fun

  2. Beautiful fields of flowers. Very relaxing.
    It seems as we become accustomed to the southern climates we have a harder time adjusting to the one back home. If you stayed home next winter you'd be bundled up like an Eskimo.
    Lots of people are making homes from Shipping Containers. Amazing configurations.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your travels.

    It's about time.


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