Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Laundry Day Today

WHERE ARE WE? Plankinton South Dakota
NEXT DESTINATION? Rugby North Dakota

Another lazy start this morning.  We are loving the warm weather and don't want to push our luck too much.  The warmth is extending way north right now so we are free to go as far as we want but by the time we did some reading and some lolly gagging it was 11 am before we pulled out of Grand Island Nebraska and headed north on 281 highway.  281 winds and wanders and goes east for a while, then north, and then back west for a bit.   I think this route will be about 1/3 longer than  taking the interstate but what the heck.  We love to travel and travel we are doing!!

Charlie was very patient with us and just sat and watched with that "Are we leaving yet? Come on lets go" look in his eye.  He is such a good travel companion.

Lots of country to see today.  For my friend Patsy, those are bugs on the windshield along with a big crack!!  This part of the country is sort of rollie and when you top a hill you can generally see for miles.

As we got further north we started to notice that none of the trees had any leaves but rather just a few  buds.  The grass in the ditch was just poking through green so Spring is definitely winning over Old Man Winter.

We saw a lot of different agricultural activities along the road.  From cattle feedlots to discing down last years stubble, to seeding new crop, to combining corn that didn't get done last fall.  The life of a farmer is an interesting and diverse one.

That is NOT a spider on the window.  It is a big rock whelt!!

We got to talking about the fact that with this self isolation we have to go through, we might need to have some clean cloths going in.  So Sue found a town that we were going through that had a laundry mat.  Because most of the stores are closed, we parked right on the main drag close to the hotel and walked the laundry over.

This one was quite interesting because it was in a grand old hotel.  I guess in a small town you do what you have to, to make a few bucks.

The door to the laundry over on the side
Its a few steps down to the old bar which is now the laundry

 As Sue was loading a washer I spied something in the corner.   It was an old pinball machine.  Sue is a pinball wizard so I kept my mouth shut until she finished getting the laundry going. 

When she saw it, she grabbed some quarters and she was off.  She won a lot of free games and had an absolute ball.

As I was leaving the hotel I saw this sign on the wall.  Yup your welcome!!

I took the first load of dry laundry back to the Ponderosa and it wasn't long and Sue came down the street with the last of it.  It took about and hour and a half but it was a nice break from our travels.

There is that spider again!!!

The store beside the Ponderosa had this written on the window.   That's kinda what is happening!!!  Its hard to read but it says "And the World came TOGETHER, as the People stayed APART."

The temperature was quite warm and Charlie had a tough time staying awake as we travelled another 200 kms down the road.  Definitely shorts weather.

We headed over the Fort Randall dam in South Dakota.  When we crossed into South Dakota I thought about our blogger friends Jim and Barb who write Jim and Barb's RV Adventure because they are from South Dakota.  They are in the process of building a house and shop and RV storage all in one type of building and I would love to see it.  Problem is that we are now getting to be on a bit of a schedule and they are way over on the west side of South Dakota.  To add to that, they have gone north to North Dakota for a while so maybe we can hook up another time.  Check their blog to see the neat work they are doing.

Fort Randall Dam
Another picture of Charlie this time chewing on a raw hide as we drive along.  He spends most of the day up there on the dash.

We finally shut down in an empty lot on the edge of a truck stop for the night.  I don't think it is very busy here so maybe we won't have to listen to beep beep beep all night long.  We are waaaay in the back corner.

A nice sunset out our window tonight. There is a nice little marsh behind us with some ducks and geese on it.  The frogs are croaking and life is good.

Sheri-Lyn sent us a picture of a true Canadian Tim Hortons in Saskatoon.  They hand the debit machine out to you on a hockey stick.  Now isn't that clever??  "Keep yur stick on the ice"!!  We are done for the night!


  1. Looks like another interesting day while getting ahead on your chores.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Northern Exposure.

    It's about time.

  2. Love the hockey stick!
    Stay safe with your travels. Bring some of the warm weather with you to Canada, eventually, we will get it our way too.

  3. Smart to get your laundry done before you get home and it looked like a fun place to do it. Way to go Tim Hortons, I love the true Canadian spirit :-)

  4. That was certainly an interesting place to find a laundry mat. Enjoying your pictures. We are usually farther north by now and as we make our way north I always think of it as Spring running in reverse. Stay safe.


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