Tuesday 7 April 2020

Girls can Skip this Post

WHERE ARE WE? Winter haven Resort, Brownsville, TX

Woke up to what was left of a little overnight rain.  It was humid again this morning and I am needing to find some cooler weather.   Not that cool my Manitoba friends!!!  We really need to move north a bit and get into the mid 20 temperatures.  All of the beaches around here are closed so there is no real draw to being close to the Gulf.  We can't see it anyway.  We hope we can spend a few days on the beach at Magnolia Beach which will satisfy us.  We are booked in here until Thursday morning so gotta get everything ready to roll by then.

So I got out all of the battery cable supplies I had bought yesterday and set to work fixing up the house battery bank.  With the batteries getting old they are starting to leak around the terminals which causes a lot of corrosion.  This is hopefully the last fix before we install new batteries.  I think we may go with AGM's this time.  We will see.  As you can see, one of the crossover wires was corroded right off so we were only using 2 of our total of 6 batteries. 

I really need to get a hydralic battery cable crimper because that would really help with making the connections tighter.  But for now the old hammer and dull chisel works just fine.  I even added a factory made one.

That was it for excitement today.  To bed early and read a book.  Life is pretty boring right now isn't it?


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