Saturday, 25 April 2020

A Little Work and a Great Supper

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers, Manitoba, Canada
NEXT DESTINATION? South in the Fall

Today was a gloomy cool day.  Perfect day to catch up on some things.  Sent a couple emails and then got caught up on my travel day record.  I have an excel program that I use to track our travel days in the USA and Mexico as well as to keep track of the days we spend in Manitoba.  We have to spend at least 152 days in Manitoba each year to maintain our health care.  If we go over the limit without applying for an extension, we could risk having to wait 3 months to get re instated.  Also the USA has the old 182 day rule that we strive to abide by, and of course Mexico has the 182 rule as well.  The USA makes us keep track of 2 things.  Maximum 182 days in a calendar year as well as not over 182 for each trip we take.  So that's where the excel sheet comes in handy.

We have cleaned out some of the stuff in the shack so we can move around in there.  When we pack up in the fall we put everything we can inside out of the elements.  Also with the plywood off the windows, it is much lighter inside.  The shed is sort of the same and in order to get at stuff now, we have to take out the tractor.

Susan spent the afternoon getting our internet up and running.  We had a whole fiasco with MTS this year and we had to set up a brand new internet account which resulted in new usernames, new passwords and a lot of talking with technical support.  She finally got it going so we can now stay current with the world via Facebook!!!

Our daughter Kaitlyn felt sorry for us today and cooked us a wonderful supper and delivered it to the front of the Ponderosa.   Apparently Grace helped as well and I'm sure Max would have loved to get his hands in there too.  Roast beef and carrots and potatoes and Home Made BUNS!!!  wow was it ever good. Thanks and yes this did make you our favourite daughter for today.  lol

The rest of the evening was spent doing nothing.  We are going to take the weekend to wind down from the winter and then we will kick into summer mode.  Can almost taste the ice cream!!!

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