Sunday, 5 April 2020

Don't poop in the Pool!!!

WHERE ARE WE? Winterhaven RV Resort, Brownsville Texas
NEXT DESTINATION? Migrating north soon

Today we observed a day of rest.  Not that we don't rest everyday but today we made it official.  We did go for a short walk around part of the park and found out that it is a pretty nice place.  They have built all of the lots with canals in the back yard.  Apparently they have them stocked with fish and you can catch and release if you want.  Kinda reminds you of what you would see in Venus.  They have RV's, park models, mobile homes and regular sticks and bricks houses here.

They have little gardens and statues all over the place which gives it that elegant look.  We kinda feel out of place here and I think it shows, cause some people look at us a bit funny!!  They don't know what they are missing!!!  This was a little memorial garden with a statue of a couple sitting looking at the bricks with peoples names on them.

I went for a dip in the pool all by myself and saw a couple signs in the change room and the pool area that made me snicker.

The first one was about the toilet paper.  I guess you have to put up signs because a mile south of here in Mexico the sign would read, Do NOT put toilet paper in the toilet!!  Different sewer systems I guess.

The other sign was this one.  Now why in Gods name would anyone wish to throw a rock in the pool.  This is a retirement park and if 55 years of life doesn't teach you not to throw rocks in the pool, I'm thinking you have a problem.  I would hope you would not be moved to throw a rock AT someone in the pool!!  Somebody had too much time on their hands and a printer I guess.  Had to show their authority.  I would think in a retirement park a more fitting sign might read "Don't poop in the pool if you can help it"!!! lol

Sue made a purchase at Walmart the other day and we tried it out today.  It is like an insta pot only this one comes with an air fryer lid and a regular lid for slow cooking as well.  Triple purpose machine!

So for supper tonight Sue made a batch of french fries with a big old T bone steak on top.  Both were done with the air fryer and they turned out fantastic.  I always hate posting pictures of our suppers because I feel like I am infringing on the signature pictures of our friends George of Our Awsome Travels who has passed on before us, and Patsy of Chillin with Patsy  Both of these blogs normally end with a picture of supper, so my apologies tonight if you feel I am copying you Patsy.  Our bellies are full and we are thankful for that.

Steak juice on the fries.  Mmmmm


  1. Don't name your pot Madame IP or Patsy will really be mad at you. :)) That is a pretty RV park, but the residents must not be very bright. It is much nicer than the parking lot I'm paying to stay in. Enjoy your downtime.

  2. It does look like a high class park. What ARE you doing there? haha Kidding!
    About the food - well, first off. We are used to YOU infringing on our territory, nothing new there. By all means post your food. Then you didn't! haha I hope you know this is all in fun!!
    I think our friends from Dryden, ON have an IP like this. I would like to see it in process - if you know what I mean. In other words, how does it work. The fries go in the big pot? Interesting!

    1. Your right I forgot the picture. I added it now!!! It is 3 separate machines and we just used the air fryer tonight.

  3. Yum! Yes, post dinner! Especially when it looks that good and gives me ideas on what to fix next! nJOYd your take on the signs! Lol'd at your sign idea and think it would be perfect added to their collection! 🎶Signs, signs everywhere a sign...🎵


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