Thursday 9 April 2020

Finding Diesel

WHERE ARE WE? Port Lavaca, Texas
NEXT DESTINATION? Waco, Texas maybe

Charlie always senses when it is moving day.  He either crawls up on the couch or he watches me doing all my outside chores from up on the dash.  He definitely knew we were pulling out this morning.

Our travels today will take us to Port Lavaca and Magnolia Beach.  We have been here many times before and love the area.

After we elbow bumped with Brian and JoLynn our next thing was to get some non personal contact fuel at the Murphy Fuel Station.  The price was good at $2.09 a gallon and it was pay at the pump.

If you remember the other day when we arrived in Brownsville on empty, I told you I would show you how much we still had to spare.  Our tank is a full 100 US gallons and I stuffed to get 83 gallons in it which says we had 17 gallons left.  We get about 7 mpg US so we still had a range of almost 120 miles!!!   The nice thing about all of this was that it only cost 175 bucks to fill up!!!

Some hand sanitizer and a good hand washing and we were off down the road.  Not much traffic to contend with today although there was quite a bit of truck traffic around Brownsville.  I am sure glad that we have played our trip home like we have.  I can't imagine what it was like a few weeks ago fighting a bunch of panicked travelers heading north like a pack of rats.  And they were supposedly the smart ones!!!   We can now travel at our leisure and hardly have to come in contact with anyone and if we do, it is at a distance.  By the time we get home most of the hype should be in a bit of a controlled state I hope.  No matter what, we will dilly dally along and try to stay south of any cold weather in the next little while.

We saw a whole train load of propellers for windmills on the track beside us.  There must have been 100 train cars with them on.  They took up 2 cars each so that would have been 50 propellers.  Interesting!

We were informed earlier today that Magnolia Beach had been closed for the Easter Weekend.  They said the fear was that a lot of people would show up for Easter because it is one of the few beaches that were still open.   So our few day stay at Magnolia ground to a halt in a hurry.  At least Walmart still welcomed us, or I think they did cause I didn't go in to ask!!!

There were a couple other RV's here too, probably from Magnolia and I let them do the dirty work and go in to ask!!!  You can never be too careful!!

While I was out walking tonight I learned something.  As we are approaching a service station, I always struggle to see which pumps have diesel so I can get into a fuel stop on the right side for my tank.  I always am straining my eyes to find the green nozzle.  Hey you don't have to.  Murphy's paint the whole post above the diesel pump green!! Now how good is that.  No problem finding the diesel pump now!!  I don't know if other stations do that but I will be looking now.

So here is where we will spend the night.  The parking lot is almost empty by the time night falls.  Should get a good sleep  Hope you had a good day like we did.


  1. That's too bad about Magnolia Beach. If and when we are allowed to cross the border again, we are definitely making it a destination for a while. :)
    I never noticed green posts before but we don't necessarily go to Murphy's USA for diesel. What a great idea!

  2. Agreeing with Patsy it is to bad about Magnolia Beach being closed I have always enjoyed your posts of that area. In fact, we to had made the decision to try and spend some time there this next Adventure after reading your posts about it. Continued safe travels, be safe, and stay healthy.

  3. It seems to be happening all over the place that the State Parks are being closed because it's actually one of the safest places for RVers to stay. I think they don't want a replay of Spring Break gatherings of Party Animals that only think of themselves.
    Very reasonable Fuel Prices.
    Safe travels and Enjoy the slower pace home.

    It's about time.

  4. Gotta love the cheap fuel prices down there! You won't be seeing those on your way north. Safe travels!


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