Monday, 6 April 2020

Just Hanging Out

WHERE ARE WE? Winterhaven RV Resort, Brownsville TX
NEXT DESTINATION? Migrating north soon

We are just enjoying some good old quiet time here in southern Texas.  It is really humid in the mornings but by noon it is much better.  Actually today it spit rain off and on but hardly enough to make you go inside.  It has been very dry here so they do need the rain.  The temperatures are warming up a lot here so it is probably time to move on farther north and find another quiet spot to hang out in for a while.

One of the park guys came to wash the shed behind us and you can see how humid it is.  The washer made a mist that actually drifted right across to where I was sitting.

I did manage to get the heater fan changed in the Jeep today.  For the last month or so we have not had a heater/AC fan working so everywhere we went it was windows down.  I had to wait until we got back to the USA to find one and today I got it put on.  With the humidity it is really nice to now be able to ride in air conditioned comfort.  I also bought some battery cable ends and will be tackling our house battery cable replacements another day.

Someone from yesterday was asking about the cooking thingy Sue bought.  Here is the box it came in and guess what?  It is a 10 in 1 pot!! Beat that!!  and it is endorsed by Emeril so it must be good.  lol

That was about it for our day.  We are still enjoying it here mainly because there is nothing going on.  The Park is pretty much empty except for a few permanent residents and that is just fine.  Hope your day was as good.  I did get a laugh out of this home schooling joke.  I'm wondering how many parents are feeling a bit like this!!

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  1. Nice easy day with a big accomplishment. Nice to have ac again. Doesn't sound like you'll be cooking in that 10 in 1 thingy anytime soon 😉


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