Monday, 27 April 2020

A Few Chores

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers, Manitoba, Canada
NEXT DESTINATION? South in the Fall

I did get some time to do a blog so here it is.  Today the sun shone bright and the wind was minimal.  Wind is something we are really noticing after spending all winter in a place where the most wind you get is a nice breeze.  I guess we will get used to it again, just like we have for the last 65 years!!  Because our quarantine area includes the mini golf area, we got busy cleaning up after the long winter.   Getting rid of last years dead stuff and mowing the grass really makes a difference so that is our goal for the next couple days.


One of the first things we did was to order a new wheelbarrow and some lumber from the local Home Hardware.  They even delivered it!  Kaitlyn was the first to try it out.  She brought me some batteries from her basement for the lawn tractor and truck, so it worked good to transport them down the hill.  Because Kaitlyn lives in Rivers which is only 2 miles away, she gets to look after old mom and dad.  She is such a trooper!!

Some before pictures just for the record.  After pictures later this week.

And we got the bonfire pit going to get rid of a bunch of the dead stuff.   We love to have bonfires at CJ's and there are not many nights in the summer that we don't have one.

A good friend of ours dropped by in his "new Mustang" to drop off a care package for us.  He makes his own salsa and had a couple jars that have aged from 2018 and he wanted us to have them.  How nice is that??

I came across a new sign for the golf course today.  What do you thing??  Does it get the message across clear enough??  Sue feels it is maybe a bit graphic for the wee ones but I think it will work!!

Another good day around our place.  After 874 days of quarantine we feel we are starting to get used to it.  Only 1327 to go!!  Here was the view out our window tonight.  Yes there is still ice on the lake but it wont be long until it is gone.  I can't get close enough to get a picture when I'm in corona jail.


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