Saturday 4 April 2020

Fixit Day

WHERE ARE WE? Winterhaven RV Resort, Brownsville TX
NEXT DESTINATION? Northern Migration soon

Today was one of those kinda drizzly days.  The rain was really nice and warm and by the looks of the brown grass here, they could use it.  We didn't really get much rain, just a shower now and again.  When I was going through my camera i realized I forgot to post this picture yesterday.   As I was waiting for Sue at Walmart yesterday, I looked over the parking lot and my heart kinda gave a lurch!! What was I seeing??  There was Jim and Marilyn's camper van sitting there.  Well at least at first glance I thought it was and I wouldn't have put it past Jim to just quietly come down here to surprise us if this world confusion wasn't going on. I had to give my head a shake and realize it wasn't them at all.   It won't be long until we will see all our park camping friends again in Rivers campground.  We don't really know when that might be but I am confident it will happen this summer at some point.

So today I was planning on tackling the alternator problem so I got out all my tools and proceeded to take off the mounting nuts. 

Well sir, even with all of my mighty strength and huge muscles, I couldn't get either one of them to budge.  A couple years ago Harold and I had made some cheater bars (snipes) out of an old lawn chair so I went and got it.  With my extreme power I broke that.  Now what???  Well guess what, a camper a couple doors down was having some problems and he had a mobile mechanic there to look after him so I wandered over to see if he had an impact wrench.  Yep he says and he will come over when he is done.  About a half hour later there he is pulling in beside me.  He introduces himself as Jamie and sets to work.

He opened up the back of his truck and he had the neatest tidiest little shop with every tool known to man in it.  Yes this will be the right guy for the job. 

He got right to work and got out his impact and in no time flat he was on the job.

When he got the nuts off with his impact and the alternator dropped down, guess what.  There was a wire hanging down that had corroded off.   Quick as a wink he grabs a connector and crimps it on with a heat shrink over it and puts everything back where it was.  He gives me a big grin and says "fire it up"!!  I did and guess what.  Yup you guessed it, it charged like a new machine.  Whew!!!

Jamie the mechanic has just started this mobile repair business and although he does some work on RVs, his main interest is big trucks.  We wish him well in his new business and if he provides everyone with the pleasant service he provided us with, he will go far.  If you are ever in the Brownsville area and have problems give Jamie a call.  Thanks for your professional service Jamie!!!

To finish off the day Brian and JoLynn prepared a yummy stir fry for supper and invited us to join them.  We had a 6 ft happy hour and a 4 ft supper and went to bed full and smiling.  That is the way life should be right???

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  1. Right❣ sharing is caring❣ i am nJOYn reading about your travels and encounters during this time and glad to see y'all are "livin' the life" on the go!


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