Sunday, 26 April 2020

Supper Delivered Again!!

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers, Manitoba, Canada
NEXT DESTINATION? South in the Fall

Today was a gloomy windy day so Sue and I spent most of the day going through a bag of mail that Kaitlyn had brought us.  A lot of it needs some follow and some of it just needs filing.  I always email Manitoba Health to let them know that we arrived back in Canada earlier than the date on our temporary Health Card that they issue us in the fall.  That way we can leave earlier in the fall because as soon as 152 days in Manitoba are up we are good to leave!!  Also it is time to do our Form 8840 to appease the USA's need to tax us if we spend too much time there.  With adding 5 months in Mexico this year, we will not have to do an 8840 next year.  The three year formula will see us under the 182  days total!!  Lots of things to keep up on. 

Because we are quarantined we need to have a drop off spot for all of our supplies.  So I pulled the jeep up real close to the front of the Ponderosa and put yellow tape right up to it.  The passenger side is where our daughter, (or anyone) can drop off things for us and we can retrieve them on the drivers side without getting our dirty little corona virus infested fingers all over their door handle.  Pretty smart huh???  There is even a hand sanitizer bottle on the door handle!!  And items to be picked up are in the front seat, and the stuff they deliver goes in the back seat.  How can you tell I am a bit bored.  lol

We even tested out the delivery door tonight when we ordered supper from our local Tempo Place Restaurant

They are only doing take out right now and they deliver!!  We ordered liver and onions!!! mmmm!!!  And they talked us into pie for dessert.  A whole Cherry Pie!!!!   Wow we are going to have to go on a diet when this quarantine is over.  Thanks Sharon and Marilyn for the yummy supper. 

Well this time of year we kind of get into hum drum sort of days.  We are going to be doing a lot of renovations to the golf course and shack so my time to write the blog will become limited.  I will probably revert to only doing the occasional one over the summer as things happen.  Maybe weekly, maybe not, so you will just have to check here once in a while for updates.  I will share to facebook so anyone who is my friend on there will get a notification of a new one.  You can send me a friend request to Lorne Green on Facebook.  Sue tends to do CJ's updates quite regular on that FB page.  Check it out at CJ's Snack Shack and Mini Golf and don't forget to like our page.  Anyway like Bugs Bunny used to say """Thhhhhhhat's all folks"!!!!


  1. The delivery and pick up set is quite original but I wouldn't expect anything less from you! haha
    Nice to be able to putter around without interruptions, since we have the time!!
    stay well!

  2. Nice that you found a method of keeping everyone Safe.
    We'll all need a diet after this.
    Think you meant Porky Pig.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your quiet time working.

    It's about time.

  3. That dinner and pie look wonderful!

  4. I have to say your delivery and pickup solution is quite ingenious and even hand sanitizer. I am impressed. Pie looks delicious. Stay safe.


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