Thursday, 10 February 2022

A Couple Trips Downtown Today

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

We are at the point of the winter where one day just runs into the next.  We do some things each day, but by 7 pm I am normally starting to yawn.  Isn't that terrible?  I am one of those people that I used to make fun of when we first hit the road.  We always laughed because the old folk were all about 4 pm happy hour, 5 pm supper, 6 pm bed!!!   So,Wanda, that is my excuse for not keeping up with posting the blog every day.  I will start to catch up tonight.  Maybe two tomorrow!!

Thursday is market day so Sue and I headed there to see what we could see.   We needed bread, and the bread lady is usually there, and Sue also just wanted to take Archie out in public.  He is learning really fast and that is due to Sue keeping at him.  He walks right by her side and very seldom flinches for anything or anyone.  

We pass by a few stores and this grocery store had a special display.  The puppy has a special place to sleep and can watch everyone on the street going by.

Later in the afternoon, John and I headed downtown to get some things.  We went by Josies carpentry shop, and he just got there with a load of piota wood.  The boards were 10 ft long and 1 1/4 inches thick and because they are so wet, they weigh probably 75 each.  The young guy had to struggle to carry this one.  They take them in and stand them in a sunny place to dry before they use them.  This wood is popular here, because the wood is oily, and termites will not both it.  We asked if it would work to take it back to Canada in the form of a table, and Josie said no, it would crack really bad with low humidity.

We had a nice treat for happy hour tonight.  Our park manager, Jeff made some really really good guacamole for us to dip.  Mmmmm good.  Thanks!!

When I turned around the other way, the sun came beaming through the palapa.  That is why we hae happy hour there.  Another great day in the books.  Goodnite!

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