Saturday, 5 February 2022

Pool Update and New Friends in the Park

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

We have seen some progress on the construction of the pool next door.  They have poured all of the steps and the pool top and edge.  Donna's son told me that they said they will be ready for water next week.  We will see how that works.  Here are some more pictures of the progress.

On the way back from checking the construction I took some pictures of the flowers on the hedge around our RV Park. It's amazing all of the flowers on almost every little bush around here.  Soon they will be trimming this hedge and cutting off all of the flowers so it will be kinda bare for a while.

Another trip downtown for supplies again today and a yes, a stop by Kenia's for a cool treat.  She made me a mango smoothie and it was awesome.  Thanks Kenia.   Now you have to realize that Kenia's El Caficito is on my path home so it's not like I am going out of the way when I go there.  But because it is right there, I stop way too often. 

We have a new unit in the park today.  They are great people it seems, and they come with two dogs.  The dogs are huge and cuddly.  I only know the names of the father and daughter so far, but we will figure out the names of mom and gramma later.  Luis and Journey posed for a picture.  Loren is our resident dog lover, so she never misses an opportunity to pet a dog.

Archie and I had a nice walk on the beach before shutting it down for the evening.  Have a look at this beach picture and remember it for tomorrows post.  The ocean is a powerful thing.  See you tomorrow!!


  1. I really enjoy your blog. I grew up in Yuma and I was pretty much taught to stay out of Mexico. What supports the economy for this town? Did this area struggle without the winter visitors? Elva Shannon (Carbajal)

  2. I too enjoy your blog and the way you interact with and enjoy the people who live locally, not just the fellow travelers. And I'm wondering if those flowers aren't little roses. ??
    They sure look like them. Keep up the good work in all respects. And thanks.

  3. What an interesting pool! It will be nice to see it finished.
    The flowers are lovely.
    I'm sure the new rv'ers will enjoy everyone, as you do.


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