Thursday, 17 February 2022

Susan's Birthday

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Its somebodies Birthday today.  I'm not saying which one, just mentioning that there is one.  There has been some discrepancies over which day her birthday actually is, and how many years she is celebrating, but in the end we all agreed on the correct things.  Happy Birthday Susan!!

First thing we did today was to go to Kenia's with P & H for breakfast.  She was happy we came and had a special Birthday cupcake for mama Sue!!  She is a very thoughtful girl.

John and I checked up on the pool construction again.  It won't be long until there is water in it.  The workmanship is pretty awesome.  I'm gonna find out what something like this costs down here, not that I need to know, but just because I'm curious.  I love the guy's hat.

The pump house has been whitewashed and ready for doors.

They have almost finished the steps except for the texture on top.

Archie and Emma played for a while and then he and Mr. Tall went for a walk.

Rather than sunset pictures tonight I am posting a couple pictures of pelicans diving for fish.  It is awesome to watch them.  

We finished the day off with a nice supper and some games with our park friends and our Mexican friends.  We played LCR which the kids loved because we let them win the money!!  Goodnight!


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