Monday, 14 February 2022

Woops! It's Valentines Day!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Well guess what?  Yup I didn't get Sue anything for Valentine's Day.  In my defense, her birthday is coming this week so maybe I can make it up.   Doug and Darcy next door got her some flowers so that kinda took the pressure off.  Thanks.

John and I headed over to Las Vargas to check out an auto wrecker for a seat for our Jeep.  If you remember way back in Quartzite AZ, I destroyed the fiberglass box that housed a sub-woofer because it was not working and because it was rock hard to sit on and it was really heavy.  Well now there is nothing there and our friend Sergio suggested a place we could check for a used one.  It turns out that they have no jeeps there, so we are out of luck again.  Perhaps we will just get a piece of plywood and get the upholsterer to make us one.  Anything is possible in Mexico.

So, on the way home I took John to check out the cool pools just down the road from us.  They are kinda neat, but not really any different than swimming in the pool at the RV Park. There is some indication that they are being used a bit, but certainly not like I had thought they would be when we were here and talked to the owners 2 years ago.

We topped the evening off with a walk downtown for a churro.  Archie came with us and is soooo well behaved on a leash.  Keep your eye on those churros because we may have a surprise in store for CJ's!!

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  1. Lorne, you didn't get Sue flowers for Valentines Day? Tsk Tsk, not smart. lol.
    Churros are a great idea for cj's, by the way!!


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