Saturday, 19 February 2022

No End to Good Food in Mexico

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

The ocean is a bit angry today.  It is soo powerful when it wants to be but yet it provides for some awesome entertainment for the surfers.  The ocean is much like a bonfire in that one can spend all day watching it and take great numbers of pictures of it.  So here are a few of mine.  

Archie doesn't seem to mind how big the waves are anymore, especially if he can find a big stick to carry along.  He does love his beach walks though.

Part of the beach walk goes by a bunch of pelicans perched on top of one of the buildings.  They sit there sometimes waiting for the fishermen to throw out the guts.  

After the beach walk, I headed downtown to see what I could find.  I spotted another animal on the roof of a building barking away at me!!  This little guy is 2 stories up!!

My walks always take me past Josies carpentry shop, and he showed me a table he was working on.  Wow this wood sure has nice grain to it.  He had just finished a clear coat and put it in the sun to dry.  His shop is very typical of every carpentry shop down here.  Stuff everywhere but nobody gets excited.  They just have another beer!!

Saturday nights our friend Tina helps with a fundraiser for their local church.  They cook Pasole for anyone that wants it.  There is Mass at the church as well, but we went a little early to miss the rush after mass.  The church is small and mostly open air, but the Good Lord does not care.  They take a lot of pride in what they do for the community, and we love to help them out.  10 of us went over tonight and filled our bellies. 

We could hear some whimpering going on near us and finally we spotted a little dog looking out through a hole in the wall from his patio.  He so much wanted to join us and take part in any spills.

It was dark by the time we left, and Mass was under way.  It was great to hear them all singing from the bottom of their hearts.  

A few of us made a left turn after we left there and went downtown to check out a new churro girl, and to support Kenia, who was doing fruit cups near the plaza.  She will be doing these for a while because the festival is coming to town next week and things are getting busy.  This was Kenia's set up.  She makes awesome fruit things.

Here is the new churro lady.  She adds things like strawberry, chocolate or caramel to the churro!!

An so it was that we went home with smiles on our faces and our bellies full to the brim.  Life is good!!


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