Thursday, 3 February 2022

Some Pictures From Home

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Remember the plantanes I showed you yesterday and said that I didn't like them?  Well here are the ones I really really like.   They are an apple banana.  I can't remember what they call them.  They are very sweet and have that green apple flavour added to a banana flavour.  Mmmmmm good!!

Gonna talk about some things at and around home today.  First off, lets see how much snow there is there.  This picture was on FB and is taken in Winnipeg I think.  Wow!!

And it is cold there.  Our local weather guy did a little thing with some noodles and a fork and an egg today and posted it on FB.  Pretty impressive.  That's cold!!!

So our daughter Nicole decided to do a life lesson with her kids, who happen to be our grandkids.  She did the same thing and froze a fork in some noodles outside last night and brought it in and showed the grandkids.  What a neat thing to show them first hand.  Of course Emma had to test it one step farther so she ate the noodles!!  Lol

Another thing that happened today from back home was another FB post.  What the heck would we do without FB.  Anyway I was looking at a post about support groups of a Cancer Care group in Winnipeg.  There was my cousin Babe in the picture.  She volunteers for this group and we are proud of her.  Thanks Babe!!!

Ok back to us in Mexico.  We had to go to the bank today to get some peso's so I parked outside the bank and waited for Sue to stand in line for the ATM.  Yes the Mexican people, even though they are no longer mandated, still wear masks in certain places like banks so of course we do too.  When in Rome!!!  

I just can't quit with the sunset pictures.  The first one is from my friend Wanda back in Manitoba where its is -35C.  I always love the sundogs and she certainly has them today.

Our sunset here was great as well.  Sue and I took Archie for a walk on the beach and our friend took some candid pictures of us.  The other pictures were taken on our walk.

And a good night to all!!!


  1. Great pictures! Your sunsets are very beautiful 😍.
    No school buses this mmorning here still - 45 windchill!
    Enjoy your day 😀

  2. Big difference in home and your Mexican villa. Enjoy!

  3. I would take those beautiful sunsets in Mexico to the snowdrifts in Winnipeg anyday!

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  5. i dont blame you ever for such gorgeous sunset pics.


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