Friday, 18 February 2022

A Mexican Paint Job.

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Today we got to meet the new guard dog for the park.  Rudy has been the guard dog here a few years ago and due to circumstances, he is able to return.  We have had a little problem with some stuff going missing so hopefully Rudy ends those problems. Pancho is his best friend it seems right now.  Rudy is a gentle dog with a big bark.  

Later John and I went to pick up his truck from the paint shop in El Monteon.  He had some dents removed and had most of the truck painted.   They didn't do the front quarter panels.  Total bill was under $500 bucks Cnd!!   He is thrilled with the job they did.  

The shop is kinda like in a back alley with a tarp to keep the sun out.  It's not the white building but the one next to it. 

While we are talking shops, another guy has one just down the road from us.  Pretty basic for changing oil and doing undercarriage work.  With all the rough roads down here, springs and shocks are a pretty major part of fixing things here.

We also have a guy who flies his power parasail down the beach lots.  If you wave at him, he will come right down and practically rub his running shoe on your cheek if you want.  He is fun to watch.  This may be on my bucket list for another year.

Tonight, was an almost full moon and it was so bright.  It helped us see what we were doing at the game table.  We have had a fun day and we hope yours was too.  Goodnight!

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