Friday, 25 February 2022

Beer Can Races and the Festival is in Town

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

The ocean had some big waves today.  It wasn't exactly angry, but rather just showing its power.  It slams down quite aggressively and makes a resounding thump.  It is sort of a warning to pay attention.  If you are swimming in it, you never want to turn your back on it because the waves will knock you flat.  The kids love the challenge in this kind of water and laugh all day long.

The shrimp boats were working quite close to the shore today for some reason.  We rarely see them in this close.  

One of the things I used to enjoy at the big RV park was beer can races every Friday night.  They have been in lockdown up there all winter and are finally letting some of us outsiders to join in some of the activities they have.  We were uptown earlier this week and Paty and Wally invited me to come this Friday as the restrictions there have been relaxed.  I jumped at the chance and headed up there about 4:30 for the fun.  It was great seeing a bunch of the people we used to hang out with,.again.

The races are held in Skunk Hollow and there are a few peso's involved.  

It is like horse racing only with decorated beer cans

They even have names.  This is Happy Jack.  I will show you another time why they call him that!!

This is a race car which was lucky for me once and won.

They have a table marked off in squares with numbered lanes.  You bet on which lanes will win the race.  

Sometimes they roll 4 dice and sometimes they have a steeple chase race.  It's all in good fun!!  They drop the dice in a sewer hose, and they come out the bottom into a pan.  Then the caller announces which numbers move.

At the end of 7 races, I went home 10 pesos ahead.  But the sucess was all the laughs everyone had.  On the way home I just happened to witness another sunset!!

 When I got home, Sue and I headed downtown to check out the festival.  On the way we stopped to pet our two favorite little puppies, Rikki and Sarah.

Tonight, is the first night and things are just getting set up.  There will be lots of activities for the kids and a big dance for the adults.  It all ends on Tuesday night with a big parade.

After touring around for a while, we stopped and had a delicious smoothie at Kenia's.

It sounds like a fun weekend for everyone so stay tuned for more.  In the meantime, think about this.  It is all too true!!  Goodnight.

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