Tuesday, 22 February 2022

National Margarita Day on Twosday!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Today was an exciting day for our neighbour Donna.  The pool is almost finished and today they were putting water in it for the first time.  The local general contractor, Sergio explained to me that they like to add about 2 ft of water to it to create weight on the bottom which helps with the tiles setting in properly or something like that.  Sergio is on top of everything around here, so I would suggest what he is saying is true. 

They have to put in the entry railing and install all the pumps for the circualation, and it will be ready to go.  It has been fun watching the progress over the last month or so.  Some of the techniques they use are a little primitive, but the end product is absolutely amazing.

So, the water truck backed up and strung his hose to the pool and began filling.  

They put the hose in a 5-gallon bucket to make sure there was not a lot of pressure on any one spot in the pool.  It won't be long, and Donna will have her backyard pool.

I don't know if anyone noticed but today was National Margarita Day.  It was also 22-2-22 better known as Twosday day!!  So, we had no choice but to celebrate and how do us old folk celebrate?  Yup we eat!!!  Oh, and we had a Margarita as well.

Harold and I were in charge of getting the pizza from down the beach.  We got 10 pizzas and the bill was like 1200 pesos.  Like 70 bucks Cnd.  Wow.  Any way we brought it all back in the little red wagon and because the sand is firm where it is wet, we had to be close to the water without letting the waves sweep over the wagon!!  We did just fine.

While we were eating, I managed to sneak a sunset picture just because I could.  Happy Margarita Day wherever you are!!


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