Monday 7 February 2022

Wanna Come to Mexico??

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Lunes (Monday) was a typical start to another week.  The sun shone, the sky was blue, and a light breeze swept through the park.  The steady rhythmic rolling of the waves was a soothing background to a perfect day.  The first order of the day was to check on the progress next door at the pool.  They are almost ready for tiling and have the top edge all finished.  They have it all covered up to set.

Back in the park, some of our neighbours were getting their vehicles washed so I joined in and got the guy to wash the Jeep.  It is quite dusty and has some bird droppings on it, so it is time.  

120 pesos or about 8 bucks gets a nice shiny Jeep.  No wonder I couldn't resist.

I came across this picture on one of the Manitoba Heritage pages on FB and got to wondering who may have been in charge of setting up the tank where it is.  I hope it was not done on purpose.  

Before I close for the night, just a quick blurb about our trip here to Mexico.  I know some people who follow the blog may be thinking about coming to Mexico for a few months each winter to escape the icy fingers of a Canadian winter.  Just because you see where we are does not mean that you have to experience the same kind of Mexico that we do, but we kinda like it.  Our part of Mexico is close to the authentic Mexican fishing beach culture with a little bit of tourist influence on the side.  La Penita is the town where a lot of the people who work in Rincon Guayabitos at the resorts, live.  Lots of people come the La Penita and rent suites and immerse themselves in the culture.  
Here at Numero Uno Boutique RV Park and Suites, we enjoy some of the amenities that us gringo's need to survive while being surrounded by the old style of Mexican life and living.  We love it and spend quite a bit of our time trying to fit in with the local culture.  Our reward for that is when we are recognized by the locals as part of their community and included in some of their activities.  We are prepared to see some garbage piled on the corner (because thats how they do it) and lots of community dogs barking and running around (and yes no one picks up after them so watch your step).  None of them are aggressive and I'm sure if they were, they would not be around tomorrow.  We get to see super bumpy streets and lots of dust and many smiling faces along them.  We get to see funerals in the streets as we walk to town and see children laughing and singing and playing in the street with whatever is available at the moment.  We get to share in siesta time which starts about 2 and finishes about 5 and is a time when everyone enjoys time with their families and perhaps a quick nap.  We get to enjoy the almost festive spirit of the streets each night as everyone supports their local businesses and eats at their favorite taco stand.  We get belly aches from the food and drink sometimes, but it is worth it, and our belly's get used to the different foods gradually.  We get to watch whales, and fishermen, and old boats, and squeeky cars and trucks that are mucho overloaded chugging down the narrow streets.  We love every minute of it, and if you think you like these sorts of things, then what are you waiting for.   I hope I can continue to inform people of the beauty of this country and possibly influence people to take the dive and head down here in a car, truck, RV, or on a plane.  The only recommendation we have is to leave your stress at home and let the Mexican culture put you in a place where your troubles do not look so important anymore.  We've had a lifetime to change the world and now we enjoy a world where change has not come so rapidly.  It is kinda funny but all we have worked for is what we seek to leave behind by being here.  

And if you don't think you can handle the rustic Mexico, there are 5-star resorts and RV parks closer to PV and in other parts of Mexico for you.   There is everything in between at many many resorts and parks. Pick a spot that you think might suit you and come on down.  Mexico is a long way from Canada, but we think every mile we drive is worth it.  

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  1. What a great post, sharing your love and life in La Penita. Maybe one day we'll have to try it.
    I have one question. Who is the talk dark handsome stranger who walks Archie?


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