Tuesday, 8 February 2022

Supper with John and Loren!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

A morning walk with Archie.  He sure loves those beach walks now.  Some tall dark handsome stranger likes to follow him each day.  He doesn't seem to mind.  We are working on recall with him right now, so I have a pocket of treats with me each day and we do the "Archie, come" command and he is catching on really quick.  We feel we are winning the battle with his behavior issues, and he is turning into quite a little personality.  

On my walk downtown this morning I ran across a couple paper mache somethings on the side of the street by Josies Carpentry shop.  Josie was not around so I didn't ask about them, but I will be interested to see the finished product.  A piñata I'm guessing.

John and Loren had friends share time with them today and they cooked up a big supper and we were invited to join them.  What a yummy supper it was.  

After supper we had a great game of marbles with Normand and Denise and John and Loren.  It was guys against girls and us guys discussed letting the girls win.  Then we shook our heads and said no way!!!  Sorry girls!!!  It was great fun no matter what. 

We have a wonderful park here and one of the pretty things is the pool area with the lights on.  Hope you have some beautiful things in your life too!!!  Goodnight!


  1. Actually i read both posts together so part of yesterday's comment belongs here.
    Cute piñatas 🪅!

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