Friday 22 February 2019

A little Birdie told me.

For a while now, we have been hearing a bird chirping outside the Ponderosa lots.  We didn't know what is was but we knew it had a big voice.  A pretty chirp but quite loud.  It was especially loud this morning and we didn't really pay much attention to it until as we were sitting there we looked up at the fruit basket and there it was.  It is some sort of a wren and kinda made itself at home for a while.

Of course when I went to chase him out, he flew to the very back of the Ponderosa and took a little bit of convincing to make his way to the front and out the door.   We were thinking about keeping it so we could have a bird like our friends Ed and Lessie!!

Well yesterday today we got the quote to supposedly fix our injector pump.  Chris came over in the morning and got to work taking it off.  It is a tough job and takes a couple hours.

In the meantime I went to see the service manager and the news is not that good.  The quote to do the work is $3100.00.  Ouch.  There is a little light at the end of the tunnel in that we just had the pump replaced last November so there is a good chance there will be warranty.   The other thing is that for $20.00 I can buy into the Cummins Club and get 10% off all parts and labour.  Well that was a no brainer.  Here's my 20 bucks!!!

Well it wasn't long and Chris had the pump out.  He also removed the air compressor because there was a recall on these compressors a while back and we missed it.  They replace it for free so they are doing it as well.

Injector Pump

Air Compressor
So Chris took the injector pump inside to tear it down and rebuild the part he thinks it needs.  It wasn't long and he came out to get me and show me what he found.  The shaft inside had exploded and filled the pump with debris so it won't be rebuildable.  Hmmmm

Now we are back to the drawing board.  Time to make sure warranty will cover this because a new pump is about $4500.00 plus labour to install.  So we will now have to wait until Monday to find out what we are going to do and then we will have to wait on a pump to be delivered after that.  Oh well, other than the fact that we are not with friends, we are hooked up to water and power and the weather has been quite hot so we are enjoying the Air Conditioning.

The Customer Courtesy Comfort area is actually quite nice here.  We have green grass and trees and it is super quiet on the weekends.  We are in an industrial area so after 5 and weekends are really dead.  Good for sleeping.

We have been spending some time giving the Ponderosa a good wash and wax.  She really needs it.  Today was awning day.   It cleaned up real well.

Charlie spent most of the evening hiding under the Ponderosa to stay out of the heat. 

We went for a little drive this evening and saw this sign out of the corner of our eye.  If you just glance at it, what do you think it says right off the bat??  Thats what I thought too lol.

It was a lovely warm evening so we sat out and drank our tea.  Here was the view from the window as I went in to get another cookie.


  1. I feel your pain.

    Glad we don't have a diesel though!

    Good luck!

  2. Sorry to hear about the injector pump, seems there always something to fix. Hopefully the warranty will cover the replacement. It is great to have a nice spot at the repair shop so you can stay in your rig. Good luck with the repairs and safe travels.

    1. It is frustrating but I have to sit back and realize that I have no place to be anyway. I'm sure it will all work out.

  3. Hahaha...I bet I saw what you saw too. That is too funny. Are you and Sue going to eat at the Armpit Palace?
    Sorry to hear about your woes. However if you just replaced in November that's not even 3 months, I would expect the warranty should cover a replacement. Great spot to stuck in though, and you really aren't stuck, you still have the jeep. Consider it a free full hook up park, a home base of sorts and day trip out and about. Probably lots to see in the area. You seem to make friends easily so do your thing and make some friends!!! Good luck my friend.

  4. I could NEVER eat there. lol I knew you would see it!! There isn't another soul in site to make friends with so I have to put up with Sue. lol

  5. Charlie needs a travel companion, 🙃🙃. Happy will gladly show the little fellow the ropes...

  6. Wow! I hope that is covered under warranty.


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