Saturday, 23 February 2019

Cleaning day.

Sometimes I wonder if our pets don't plan to take over our lives.  They just keep moving in a little farther each day but they do it in such a way that we can not resist.  When I woke up this morning I looked over the edge of the bed and guess who was using my pillow?  Yup, Charlie!!  Apparently I had thrown my extra pillow on the floor last night and he just decided to use it.  

While I was outside having my coffee and admiring our nice clean awning from yesterday I looked up at the RoseAire decal and saw that there was a bunch of oxidization.  Maybe its time to give the Ponderosa the once over and wax her up good.  Because she is almost 20 years old there is lots of places where oxidization has taken over.  

So we went and got our favourite cleaner from Dollar General and got to work.  

Charlie watched my every move very carefully.

Sue got a neat shot of the water hookup as the pressure relief back feeds from letting off the spray nozzle real quick.  

We did make quite a difference and got one side finished today.  It was 31C today so we didn't work all that long.  The RoseAire sign seems to look much better, even without a coat of wax yet.  Gotta leave something to do another day!!

I suggested that we take a drive down to old town Ocala and see what was happening in the park there.  They have a quaint downtown area with some neat bars and restaurants and it is full of people on a Saturday night.

They had a guy with a guitar singing and playing in the amphitheater so we sat down and listened for a while.  He was actually really good.  It was a great way to kill an hour or so and the weather was just right for sitting there comfortably.  We have been so blessed with awesome weather this winter.

We headed home to our pretty little spot at Camp Cummins. lol   We even have our own sign at the end of the driveway to make sure we don't miss it.  

This was the view out our window today.  Still some vehicles to work on for Monday.


  1. What do you use to get rid of the oxidization? We've tried everything but nothing seems to get rid of it.

  2. Nice to get it all cleaned up and shiny again while you are parked there.

  3. What is the Dollar General product please?
    What a nice evening. Glad you got out to enjoy it.

  4. Charlie is one smart pup.... Lessie

  5. Roundtuit is getting her bath, wax and rim sparkle today and tomorrow.. Lessie

  6. The product we used was called Awesome Cleaner. You have to spray it on full strength and let it sit for a minute but don't let it dry on. Then give a wee scrub and wash off. It took 3 applications to get rid of all the old wax and oxidization. $3 for a half gallon jug. $1 for a small bottle with sprayer.

  7. Haha, Charlie looks very comfy on your pillow.

  8. Great job working on the oxidation, that is a daunting task!


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