Wednesday 20 February 2019

Lunch with Laurence and Paul

We received a message from our friend Laurence who we met in Three Lakes, saying that she was over in Wildwood getting some repairs on her motorhome and she wondered if we wanted to get together for lunch.  We put Sue in charge of finding a spot for lunch and as usual she came through big time.  The restaurant was called Gator Joes and it is on Lake Weir.  We knew when we saw it that she had picked a winner.

Laurence and her dog Paul showed up a few minutes after us, and it was like a big reunion.  Sue loves Paul. (and Laurence too!)

Watch for Chiggers in the Spanish Moss
We knew we wanted to dine on the outdoor patio because the temperature was just right to do that.

Gator Joe's got its name from a famous alligator who lived in Lake Weir from approximately 1930 to 1952.  In 1934 while trying to find the Ma Barker Gang, the FBI intercepted a letter mentioning an "Old Joe" near the Barker hideout.  Lake Weir was pinpointed as it was found to have a big gator known as "Old Joe".  On January 16, 1935, the FBI found the Barker gang in a historic home 1/8 mile from Gator Joe's and in a 4 hour gun battle, Ma and one of her sons were killed.  "Joe on the other hand lived until 1952.  Here is what "Old Joe" looked like back in the day.

A really quaint restaurant which was typical of an old waterside building with rusty tin over it and the dock that ran out into the lake.  The atmosphere was perfect for fish and chips so thats what we had.

Of course the traditional lunch picture.  

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And the smart waitress that snuck in a selfie!!!  Good one Brandi and thanks for the good service.


This evening I received some good news.  Sue checked for local channels and guess what?  ME TV is on.  The one show I really enjoy from the past is this one.  Anybody know the show?

Our view out the window is ever changing.  The vehicles around here definitely come and go but that is a good thing because that means we are moving up the list.

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  1. Oh my gosh you and hubby are the same person. He watches Hogan's Heroes at least once a day :-) Looks like a great choice for lunch, well done Sue!


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