Sunday, 24 February 2019

Down by the "C"

Its a typical Sunday around the Ponderosa.  We have been here for a little over a week now and we just have to relax and let life move on around us, cause we ain't goin nowhere fast!!  It is frustrating in one way, but my gosh we could have it a lot worse.  All you guys at home in Manitoba are not enjoying 30C days in a park like setting.  As a joke we now say that we are parked by the "C".  We can't hear the waves but we can see the C.

It was one of those days when I could catch up on a couple projects, well only one actually.  But I did almost finish it!!   I was fixing Sues bedside table so she has some drawers for her drawers.  (couldn't resist that one!)  I didn't quite get it finished but I will another day.

We did a little more polishing on the Ponderosa.  Don't want to get too carried away.  Sue is gonna have to repaint the decals on the back of the motor home but all the side ones seem to be alright for now.

Sue got one slide waxed up nice today.  It looks good.  I got fired as a waxer real early in the process.  I just don't seem to have the right waxing rhythm.  I am allowed to run the buffer only!!

Charlie thought he should just sit on a lawn chair and watch the whole process.

The view out our window today was of that crazy night table slowly getting fixed.


  1. Somehow you sneak posts in that I miss for some reason. Some really bad puns in this post. Sue should shake you until they all fall out. Haha. Love the beer cooler, very typical.

  2. I dont t think Sue fired you as a water so much as you conned her into firing you as a water.... sneaky Lorne, Roundtuit’s wax job started today and will be finished tomorrow. She is looking great.. we may be out f here this week but now we have to go north, by train, next week for the grandson’s Boy Scout ceremony, his birthday and two dr appts. Then we will be back on the road!!! All goes well in the jello department we will see you this month!! Lessie

  3. Sigh, spellchecker is not my friend... The first sentence should be ‘I don’t think Sue fired you as a waxer so much as you conned her into firing you as a waxer.... sneaky, Lorne,’ Lessie

    1. I am quite fluent in jibberish so I had that one all figured out real quick, but thanks for clarifying anyway.


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