Thursday, 7 February 2019

A New spot to call Home

Well after a good sleep last night, we had to face our challenge for this morning.  We had to back the Motorhomes up about 1/2 mile out to the main road.  Because I have driven large trucks all my life, it was not quite as big of a challenge to me as it was to Harold.  He did real well and he and Pat worked out some good signals to each other over that 1/2 mile.  They will be fine from now on.  I assured H that this would be the worst backing up he would ever have to do!!  The girls had done some research and found another preserve just up the road a piece, so off we went to our new digs.

We had forgot to pick up Charlies medications in Saint Cloud, so once we got to our new spot, Sue and I headed over there to get it.  The trip over was not bad, but by the time we returned, rush hour had begun.  This was the traffic as we tried to get on Interstate 4 back towards Tampa.  I could not do this day after day without losing my mind.  I don't know how they do it.

This is where we are set up for the next few days.  I think it will be quiet.

We all sat around and enjoyed the evening under P & H's awning.  The weather is perfect.

We have not a bad place to hang out at our place too.  We are not even putting out the mat because the leaves on the ground make a nice patio for us:

This is the view out our window tonight:


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