Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Something Different

Today was a rainy day, so we spent the most of the day indoors.  We are waiting on word from someone on the warranty issue.  It could take a while.  I have lots of work to do for Cochranes back home so out came the computer and I got to work.

Just before 5 I went into the shop to check on progress and was asking the parts lady about stuff to do around Ocala.  She came up with movies and fishing stores, all of which don't interest me much.  Her final suggestion was a place called Charlie Horse.  It is a restaurant/bar that has live music every night of the week.  It is a place where people come to play music just for the love of it.  We decided to try it out.

It was a little place with a covered patio area that seats about 50 people.   You can eat or just have a drink.  We had a nice supper and a drink and stayed for the music.

Tonight was the "Classic Rock Jam" and it was really good.  I am not a real rock fan but I did enjoy the energy these musicians put into their music.  We spent a couple real good hours listening to them jam together.  

While we were there some guy came along and just parked his car in the restaurant driveway.  We have no idea why.  He was no where to be found. 

It wasn't long before the cops showed up and then they found the kid who owned it.  He got in and almost backed into the car behind him before spinning his tires and leaving.  I thought maybe the cop would have gone after him, but she didn't.

We still have a beautiful view out our window, and are looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. Wish I could match you window view for window view... we see a Prevost parked catty corner in front of us as we sit in the waxing bay... basically we are boxed in until they move it...lol. Lessie

  2. It will be nice to get things fixed and on the road again.

  3. Certainly hope someone finds a solution to the warranty issue soon so you can get the Ponderosa fixed and get back on the road. One thing for sure the Ponderosa will probably be the cleanest and shiniest RV out there.


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