Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Goodwill Bargain or Not!!

We spent some time sorting things out in the Motorhome today.  Like everyone else we seem to accumulate "stuff" only now it becomes apparent faster because we don't have places to store it.  Sue went through all our clothes and all the back closets and came up with a black garbage bag full to take to self help.  I know there are lots of opinions about what thrift stores are on the up and up, but we just wanted to get rid of this stuff so the first place that we came across was a Goodwill store.  While we were there I went in search of a cheap pair of blue jeans to wear when I working (leaning) on greasy dirty things like the fuel system last week.  Finally found a pair.  What do you think?

So the bottom line was that I SAVED 100% by not buying them.  What a good deal!  So we headed off to Walmart for a few things.   While at Walmart I thought to myself that maybe I should have bought the pants so I could fit in with the outfits there.  Lots of pyjama's at that time of night.  Actually there were not many people there at all.

Then home where I decided to work for a few hours while Sue watched movies.  One thing about me is that if a movie does not really appeal to me, I can completely ignore it while I work.

This was the view out our window today.  Still some RV's ahead of us waiting.


  1. I'm glad you saved 100% by not buying those jeans. I'm sure Sue is happy as well. Haha

  2. Good choice on passing up on the jeans!

  3. If you're going to rainy, flood prone areas, you should have bought the pants, if not, I think you made a wise choice.

  4. You know Lorne if you had rolled them up you would have been right in style! You would have been walking by yourself as the rest of us would have ditched you, but you would have been stylin’ Hahahah


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