Thursday 28 February 2019


The waiting game is still on.  Apparently a group of engineers are going to be showing up here to have a look at my pump to see if they can figure out what caused the failure.  Now apparently these guys are from Cummins Atlanta Georgia office and they are spread pretty thin.  They may even be in Las Vegas this weekend for the big NASCAR race there.  As far as I know, Cummins is a sponsor of a car there.  While we wait, we are enjoying a really nice park location.  There are big areas of public green spaces for Charlie and I to wander in.  They just mowed the grass so it is quite pretty.

Today I did a couple chores for Sue and one of them involved this nice board.  Stay tuned to see what it turns into.  It is awaiting paint right now.

After supper I headed over the the Charlie Horse Bar to see some of the free entertainment.  They had a new to them guy playing and singing.  He was good, but more like the kind of guy you would want around the campfire to sing with.   I only stayed a half hour or so and headed home.

I saw this today and if you live in an RV or small apartment you might relate to it.  It is very true in our house and Sue is always saying she wants a bigger kitchen.

Had a nice day today.  All the puddles dried up and the sun came out for a while.  This was the view from our window.  The vehicles are always changing.

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