Monday, 25 February 2019

Time to Make a Decision

So up until now we have been told a lot of different things about what is wrong with the Ponderosa.  It started out with the roadside mechanic saying that we have a fuel blockage.  Then the next one said it was probably the ECM (engine computer).  Then the next diagnosis was the fuel solenoid was gone.   At that point we decided to come to the Cummins dealer and get a scanner on it to find out the problem.  Actually it was the good old eye of a young technician that finally told us what the problem was.  When a pump is driven at the front, and you look at the shaft at the back of the pump, it should be turning, but it wasn't.  So it was pretty obvious that the shaft in the pump was broken.  Lots of theories but a lot of blown smoke.

Now we are at the point where I am saying that I had a reconditioned pump installed back in November and 3 months later it has failed.  I want someone other than me to pay for it!!  So now the process of deciding who is to blame for the failure. It is not the fault of the shop who changed it out for me back in Wisconsin, and it certainly isn't my fault, because I never laid a finger on it.  So we are left with the rebuild shop, and the manufacturer of the pump which happens to be Cummins.  So in order for the rebuild shop to entertain a warranty they wanted to see clean injectors that are not plugged. They feel that a plugged injector could create enough of a repercussion back on the pump, that it would break a pump shaft. I'm thinking someone is grasping at straws!  So the guys here had to remove the injectors for visual inspection.  They are clean as a whip.  Just add that expense to someone's bill!!  So now it is in the hands of the powers to be to decide who, if anyone, is going to stand behind this catastrophic failure.  For now we wait.

The one person that has been there to keep me calm and on track with this whole thing is AJ who is the owner of Pink's Automotive back in Wisconsin.  That is the shop that originally did the change over of the pump last fall.  He has not backed away from the situation and has been trying to help find solutions to get us on the road again.  Thanks for all your help so far AJ!!  The Cummins shop here has been very patient as this whole thing goes round and round.  They have done everything in their power to make us comfortable here while we wait!

Sue got busy and did some more work on waxing the Ponderosa.  We found a spray on wax that seems to work real good.

It is still a big job to hand polish 1000 square feet of motor home.  We will get it done I'm sure.

The view out the window today was of a nice shiny side of the Ponderosa.


  1. Good luck with getting things straightened out hopefully all will be fine.
    I love that Protectall have been using for for many years really helps protect our graphics too.

  2. What a circus. Either way you look at it, somebody should be paying. Unfortunately, most product warranties don't include labor. Good luck!

  3. Good luck with the pump expense. Since all the injectors were clean I would think the rebuild shop will be getting a pretty big bill from Cummins. The injectors wouldn't have needed to come out if they had just stepped up and did the right thing, therefore you shouldn't have to pay any labour for that.
    Congrats to AJ!!!! What a wonderful human being, caring, kind and considerate. It is people like him that restore our faith in man kind!! You were most fortunate to bump into AJ in the beginning of your woes. Once again congrats to AJ.
    Ponderosa is looking pretty shiny these days. Keep up the good work.

  4. I hope the rebuild shop steps up soon so you can get back on the road. We miss you guys and hope to meet up again soon.

  5. Hang in there!! Lessie


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